Friday, September 30, 2011

My job

Nice work if you can get it...

I got it.
Greatest gig ever.

26. fresh brewed coffee
53. little hugs
79. a crisp apple
179. a well worn quilt

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

All in a day's work

I was home today.
It felt good.
I checked in with Mom and Dad and they were good.
I spent the morning at the grands' Grandparent's Day.
Aubrie's kindergarten
and Everett's preschool
had a puppet show
at the Chatauqua Building at the park.
Aubrie said it was at the
Chicago Building.
(She has a little Grandma Toots in her.)
They rode the buses there and 
me and the other grandma, Ruby
met them.

They were very excited.
I may have had a raisin stuck in my teeth.
Odd since I hate them and never eat them.
What in the world.
Help me.
Is that a filling?
Someone call a dentist.
Perhaps it is a fly.
Yeah, that is a better option?
Let's go with a flaw in the camera lens.

I came home and fed the men crockpot stew.
The girls stopped in to work on Ethel Edith stuff
and I got some baby love.
I got some Caroline time too.
I started meat in the pot for supper.
I had big plans to finish things
I wanted to do.
Put out pumpkins on the porches.
Pick through junk for some old keys 
I know I have had for years
for a necklace project.
bathe dogs,
yard stuff...
Stu asked me to watch a grain bin 
that was drying corn
and then transferring that corn
through a tube system
to another bin.

I had to listen for the loud stirring noise to stop.
Then, when it had, time it and check it again and again.
I checked the level by banging on the side of it
and listening for the sound of where it was inside.
Luckily, I have ears like a bat.
Large and hair-less?
No silly, highly sensitive.
It took  several cycles of this process.
After the level was at a designated spot, I shut it down.
The fans are ginormous and very loud.

It isn't a bit scary. 
I am trained.
I flip switches daily.
No "clap on" for me.
I got it shut down and reported back that 
everything was a-ok. and
I had shut the transfer part down.
Stuart called back
to have me check the fan to make sure
the heat was off.
Back out across the lot.
Yup, it is off.
I get busy
and he calls again.
Can you see what the gas level in the tank 
for the dryer is?
Back across the lot to check that.
He called again.
I told him
Hey, I didn't stay home today 
so I could be the Bin Bit**.
That  shut cracked him up.
He thinks I am funny.
Blinded by love, the man is.
Eventually I got everything 
I wanted to get done, all finished up.
All in all, a great day.

256. Maggie is going back to work and I have a hairdo scheduled.
243. a good crockpot
235. a fun husband 

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

What I Know For Sure 15th Edition

1. If you tied me up and left me to sit beside a grain bin with the fan running, I would go crazy from the noise of it.

2. You can keep leftover lasagna warm in a crock pot in the shed until a trucker picks it up for the field lunch. 

3. I am in love with my flannel pajamas.

4. I love Project Runway but I have never liked Heidi Klum.
I think Michael Kors looks like an old bloated woman. Just sayin.

5. The pecan pie scented candle from Walmart is really good.

6. I miss Aubrie now that she decided to grow up and go to kindergarten.

7. God always knows what I need. His time frame is better than mine, but sometimes I forget that fact.

8. Washing your car and then driving through a flock of blackbirds
defeats the purpose of washing your car.

9. October is the month my gang gets their prank on. We have to schedule a planning meeting. We are way fun.

10. Tide Sport gets rid of diesel smells in a farmer's clothes.

11. As the fields get emptied, the mice try to inhabit my house.

12. Bounce dryer sheets scare away mice.

13. Fall in IL means one day it is 63 degrees and 78 degrees the next.

14. I am a little mad at facebook.

15. I was on the phone with Dish Network. While waiting for the screens to load I learned they feed cotton seed to cows in Texas. The Dish support person learned all about feeding cows sileage where I live. He may send me a facebook friend request.Or not.

16. Baby Ollie is chubbing up. Her mom is thinning down.

17. I am having a hard time giving up flip flops and capris.

18. I am celebrating my love of hoodies.

19. I kicked my Diet Coke habit out of town.

20. Corn drying in the bin smells really good to me.

126. hugs from Dad
125. blog comments
160. old pictures 

Monday, September 26, 2011


 I have great news.
Mom and Dad are moving 
into the new assisted living residence in town.
We visited and looked at other options.
I prayed that whatever was the best choice
would be the only plan that would work out.
God hand picked this option. 
This was the only one where things lined up .
My siblings and I feel so good about it.
Mom can have help and Dad will be safe.
The folks have to have TB tests 
and then they are moving in.
I guess TB is a possibility 
here on Walton's Mountain.
Who knew?
They are both really excited.
Dad may or may not think it is a condo in Branson.
Ha ha.
Just kidding...I think.
It is absolutely beautiful.
These are pictures of Mom and Dad's unit
with the facility's furnishings.
They will bring their own.
We all think we want to live there.
We have been shopping for new recliners 
and some other new pieces.
Maybe we need a sleeper sofa?
Or two.
it has a theater with popcorn machine,
hair salon,
activity/workout room,

 indoor fireplace
with pool table and tv area,
full-on buffet,
laundry service, 
cleaning service,
and wonderful courtyard
with an outdoor fireplace
just off their patio
with no access to the outside.
Safe and secure.
 (That is the Lord's prayer on the plaque.
My nephew's masonry company built it)
See what I mean?
Now you wanna go too, right?
We are trying it for the winter
with hopes 
that they love it enough to stay.
We have somebody lined up 
to stay and watch over the farm.
I think it is going to be grand.
I love when God's plan comes together.
Thanks for your prayers.
We appreciate them so much.

*all photos from Villas of HollyBrook facebook page

134. movie popcorn
255. God's voice
244. falling leaves 
197. a gentle rain

Sunday, September 25, 2011

life right now

They are on a roll.

I have become meals on wheels.

Her mommy goes back to work this Thursday.
I officially get to start keeping her on Friday.
Finally, I won't have to share.
Except for some lap room.
I am ready for some rocking 
and some reading,
some poop, some spit-up
and a whole lotta kissing.

238. hoodies
254. pecan pie candles
132. a creaky porch swing
127. shopping with my sisters 

Thursday, September 22, 2011


My mom is named Ethel
but everyone calls her Toots.
She says words all wonky.
She has done this for years.
We call them Toots-isms.
Usually they are hilarious.
Dinosaurs are deno-zowers.
Tylenol is Tidenol.
 Pimento cheese is pepperminto cheese.
She consistently calls Dollar General
the General Dollar store.
The sink is the zink.
Sometimes my sisters and I 
morph into her.
My sister Linda has come down with the 
Toots-ism bug.
We were having a discussion about
Dancing with The Stars.
She said they aren't famous this year.
At least last year they were celebrities 
who had been famous...
like Christy Allen
That would be Kirstie Alley.
She talked about the new season of 
Two and A Half Men.
She wondered if the replacement of
Charlie Sheen 
with Ashlin Kirchner
(hmm....Ashton Kutcher ) would be good.
I was cracking up 
and she knew she was now blog fodder.
I think it runs in the family.
Remember my whole restaurant fiasco?
There is probably little hope for us.
I am pretty sure it's generic.
Or genetic.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


The last two days we have had lots of family time.
 My cousin, Vickie from Oklahoma
is here for a quick visit to see Mom and Dad.
Mom and Dad really enjoyed the fun.
Sometimes situations in life are about as
 pleasing as a turd in a punchbowl.
Stupid Alzheimer's or
in Vickie's case, it is cancer.
But, she has the spirit of a badger.
She is in it to win it.
We have faith.
And faith is necessary 
to victory.
We gathered at the folks' house.
We had a great time.
We ate.
We played.

We bedazzled pumpkins.
Some bedazzled themselves. 

We snuggled babies.
We soaked up the love.

Please keep praying for my dad and mom.
Please add Vickie to your prayers.
We know Jesus hear our cries.
We trust he has a plan.
And while we wait 
we have each other and
a whole lot of love.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Horsing around.

  • I went to a horse auction in Amish country with Mom, Dad and Jackie today.
  • Unfortunately, Maggie had my camera because she had a niece born last night and wanted to borrow it. I missed some great photo ops. I used my Blackberry and they were not good.
  • I could have bought a number of horses or mules for anywhere from $20 to $40. 
  • I used to sell pug puppies for $400.
  • Jackie and I agreed we were glad it wasn't a dog auction b/c we would have been in trouble.
  • I grew up riding ponies and using  pony cart every day in the summer.
  • When I was in college my oldest part pony/part horse died. Trixie was 26 years old. She was black and white.
  • There was a black and white mule I wanted badly. I would have named her Trixie.
  • There were several small ponies that would have fit in Mom and Dad's van.
  • I texted Stuart "should I bid?"  He thought I was serious.
  • When Ollie is old enough to use a pony for therapy. I will hook her up.
  • When I was in high school I played in a donkey basketball game. My donkey laid down and wouldn't get up. I just couldn't get my ass in gear. It was a blast. 
  • There was a chunky cowboy showing several of the horses. He had a "sweet" ponytail. I told Jackie "there you go, I think he is single". She said " Obviously". Ha.
  • Every time we go to lunch Dad tries to give the waitress a $100 bill. First when the salad comes and then when the drinks come.
  • Today, I put gas in their van and he gave me $5. 
  • He tried to pay for my niece's gas yesterday when she filled her Suburban.
  • Dad does make me laugh. He has an antique cultivator in his yard. When I took him to town yesterday we drove past it and he said "I sure wished I had a cultivator like that in my yard." I laughed and told Mom "Well , dreams do come true."
  •   They had a great day and Jackie and I had one too.

Thursday, September 15, 2011


Today I caught up with Reta.
We had time for a quick chat before 
she rushed off to work  nap.
 You can read about her earlier interviews
on the sidebar under Reta.
Stella was also present,  but seemed a bit distant.

Hello Reta and Stella.
How are you enjoying the nice fall weather?


Now that the cooler temps have arrived, 
everyone is talking fall fashion.
All Spring and Summer you have looked 
so hip, so sexy and never desperate.
What do you have in mind for your autumn look? As a practicing nudists, 
how does the cooler weather affect your style?
How do you shake up your image
when you don't do clothes?
Stella, I see you have gone the "old school" route
and did the "Frost and Tip" highlights.
But Reta , don't you think you need to embrace a new look for the changing season? 
Maybe a scarf or a hat? 
People expect you to be on the cutting edge. 
What is your reaction to this?

Aw, most excellent. 
Coral is the "new black".
Point noted.
Ladies, thank you for your time 
and I bid you farewell.  

249. holding my dad's hand
117. babies sleeping  on my chest
44. a full night's sleep 
253. time to be silly

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

it's all good

I have had a good couple of days.
a room re-do with Annie for an Ethel Edith client
and time with Miss Ollie.
She has a new tooth.

Doesn't she look tiny?
She really is still tiny.
0-3 mos clothes at 7 months old.
Harvest has started
so has the meals on wheels.
I forgot to take my camera to the field.
But, I will get pictures of the farmer man.
Today it is raining...
so no meals to the field.
I really don't love cooking anymore.
Wish I felt the same about eating.
Maggie and I took her girls for
Caroline's  2 yr. old wellness check.
She is doing great.

wow, how brave am I??
My hairstylist daughter needs to get off of maternity-
I need a "do"...
 and apparently a dentist. 
Jealous much?

A little shopping,
lunch out, then
napping babies.
Life might be a bit messy
but it is still grand.
Hakuna Matata  my friends.