Tuesday, September 27, 2011

What I Know For Sure 15th Edition

1. If you tied me up and left me to sit beside a grain bin with the fan running, I would go crazy from the noise of it.

2. You can keep leftover lasagna warm in a crock pot in the shed until a trucker picks it up for the field lunch. 

3. I am in love with my flannel pajamas.

4. I love Project Runway but I have never liked Heidi Klum.
I think Michael Kors looks like an old bloated woman. Just sayin.

5. The pecan pie scented candle from Walmart is really good.

6. I miss Aubrie now that she decided to grow up and go to kindergarten.

7. God always knows what I need. His time frame is better than mine, but sometimes I forget that fact.

8. Washing your car and then driving through a flock of blackbirds
defeats the purpose of washing your car.

9. October is the month my gang gets their prank on. We have to schedule a planning meeting. We are way fun.

10. Tide Sport gets rid of diesel smells in a farmer's clothes.

11. As the fields get emptied, the mice try to inhabit my house.

12. Bounce dryer sheets scare away mice.

13. Fall in IL means one day it is 63 degrees and 78 degrees the next.

14. I am a little mad at facebook.

15. I was on the phone with Dish Network. While waiting for the screens to load I learned they feed cotton seed to cows in Texas. The Dish support person learned all about feeding cows sileage where I live. He may send me a facebook friend request.Or not.

16. Baby Ollie is chubbing up. Her mom is thinning down.

17. I am having a hard time giving up flip flops and capris.

18. I am celebrating my love of hoodies.

19. I kicked my Diet Coke habit out of town.

20. Corn drying in the bin smells really good to me.

126. hugs from Dad
125. blog comments
160. old pictures 


  1. I am mad at facebook too! And I wish I could kick my Diet Coke habit out of town.

  2. he may facebook friend request me. geez you are so silly and i love it.

  3. Can I join your gang? Please!!!!

  4. I love when you do your lists!! Thanks for my morning smile :)

  5. Glad to know about the pecan pie candle...praying the mice stay in IL cornfields...needing some flannel PJs myself...and hoping to eavesdrop re. some October pranks in time to put some of them in motion here.

  6. Questions for ya: do you think FB will still be around in 2 years? Just wondering :)
    Why does everybody have a diet coke addiction and not just a good old fashioned coke addiction? (and I am still referring to the beverage:)

  7. Heidi Klum can defninitely suck it.
    It is on like donkey kong this October. Bigger and better.
    WTH is Tide Sport and why have you been holding out on me? Contractors smell like diesel fuel too you know?

  8. Well, one thing I know is that I have no idea what everyone is talking about with the changes to Facebook. That's how FB illiterate I am. I love your lists. Ann

  9. i always laugh at your list, you are a hot mess! and the last time i was on the phone with dish, when she (a real human) finally answered, I ask "is this Peggy" (you know that stupid commerical) and of course that started a whole other conversation! I knew her whole story and she knew mine by the time we were done,haha..
    love the list!! lisa

  10. Invest in toe-socks and you can wear your flip flops much longer.
    I totally think you could pull off the look!

  11. OH NO! Now we have to talk Project Runway...

    Which isn't so much "OH NO" as "HOW DO I EVER GET ANYTHING DONE" when there is Bravo TV to discuss?

    Just once I'd like to be on that show to say "Nina Garcia" in imitation of Heidi.

    and p.s. I just discovered Tide Sport. It's a miracle. Really.

  12. Wow, I've been away n missed so much! Had to leave a comment since you counted them! Am jealous that you all are getting corn cut as we are still WAY too WET. Not jealous of the mice tho. They will come soon enough.
    Notta Bravo girl. I'm all about escaping reality! ;-P


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