Monday, September 12, 2011

oh bother...

Rebath is still painting.
Mom is worn out.
Dad is confused.
I hate Alzheimer's.
He turned on the water
to the boiler today.
It is unhooked because the radiator is 
being sandblasted and painted
for the "new" bathroom.
The bath in the basement is right below 
the one being renovated.
It flooded.
There is a mess.
Mom is beside herself.
I don't know the answer 
for our situation.
I want it to go away.
It isn't going to.
Honestly I just wanted
to ask for prayers.
Everyone is exhausted.
My oldest sis, Judy
goes there almost every day.
I worry about her health.
It is very stressful.
I know people are going through 
terrible illnesses.
I know it could be worse.
But this is our reality.
And it stinks.
So please raise us up in prayer.
And if you are inclined to paint or mop water...
I'll send directions.
Thanks friends.


  1. Oh, Janie. My grandma. Alzheimer's. I hate Alzheimer's, Janie. You can trust in my prayers.

    Dear Heavenly Father: Thank You for Janie and her big 'ol heart. Thank You that she believes in the power of prayer and loves her family enough to request it. Sustain her and her family, Father. Send helpers. Send peace like a dove. Thank You for Your perfect plan in this and every situation; give us eyes to see You everywhere. In Your name I pray, Amen.

  2. oh sorry. i will lift you all up right now.

  3. Praying, my friend. We're kind of there with my mother. I know a little of the frustration.

  4. My Heart goes out to you. I took care of my Mom the last four years of her life. I truly don't know if I could have done a fifth there were three of us and a paid helper, however I was the only one not working so I carried the most of the time. It was the hardest four years of my life. Get help, get as much help as you can, do not be to proud to ask. See what your Mom is entitled to. Research and see if you can find a daycare for Alzheimer's a couple of days a week, he will enjoy it and your Mom will get a break. Get help, as much help as you can.

  5. I just recently found your blog and I really enjoy it! I just lost my mom after living with Alzheimer's for 4 yrs. It was horrible. I agree with everything " on the road again" said. Get some paid assistance and give your mom weekly breaks. Wishing you all the best!

  6. You know where my heart is... praying for your whole clan.


  7. I tried to leave a comment but it never went through. But everything On the Road said I agree must have a plan. Your mom cannot do it..everyone must band together. Get help from medicare..they offer lots of services. A friend once told me "People are waiting for God...but God is waiting for us". I believe can do it girl!

  8. Big hugs to you!! Prayers for you and your family!!


  9. Oh Janie. What I know about this disease is enough to know the hell you are going through. I am so sorry. It robs you of the person you knew and loved and that makes no sense as they are right there, looking at you.

    Big hugs. You (and your family) can do anything through God. Big hugs.

  10. consider it done. I am so sorry for you + your family.

  11. Oh Janie, I feel for you and your family. I know all too well about Alzheimers. Sending prayers for loved ones.

  12. Praying today....all day. Praying especially today that your contractor will step up to the plate and finish the job quickly and correctly. Praying for strength for you and your sisters to help your parents through this time. Praying for comfort for your mom and dad.

  13. I understand your frustration!! Our grandma great is suffering from the same disease and it is heartbreaking!! The whole family is affected but she is stuck and it is painful for her! I just want to make it better, I know that I can't but you understand!! We will be praying for your dad, mom, and all the rest. It is such a sad disease!! Keep your head up though, there is still hope through it all!

  14. Wish I was anywhere near you to help! But I will do my best to think and pray for you and your family in this though time. Best wishes!

  15. Prayers are being said. I feel your stress and pain. Blessings!

  16. My mom had Alzheimer's and died last year.
    Yes, there are people who are sicker. My dad was actually much sicker than my mom. But, Alzheimer's wins in my book as THE most horrible illness to be forced to WATCH.
    I shall pray for you.

  17. I'm sad for you & Jude (and all your family). It sucks and is exhausting. Thank God your family is close knit & strong. You will get through this, and one day things will be easier, and you will be grateful for extra time spent with your dad. I would bake you cake, but since you've sworn off sugar I won't. Instead I will let you pick up that zebra striped watch at Kohls for me. Dealio? Also, I'm sure you've got the mess cleaned up by now, but in case you're in need again call across to the neighbors and get My John, My Chad or My Roy to come over and help. I didn't mention My Travis, b/c that boy is crazier than owl shi**. He probably shouldn't be allowed out in public.

  18. Prayers have been lifted- I've been through this with my stepfather, so can feel your exhaustion and frustration. Breathe Miss Janie!

  19. praying for you and your family now. xoxoxox.

  20. Bless.your.heart.
    So hard, done it, doing it, tired from it. My Mom is late stage dementia, my father in law middle stage and we bounce like a big rubber ball between the two of them. It's just me and my husband, no sisters or brothers. Some days I have wanted to lay down and not get up. Awful to say out loud but it's true. Sending prayers up for strength and guidance for you all.

  21. I would be there in a heart beat if I could! So sorry to heaR of how tough it is. I do hope your sister takes care of herself but understand the need to be there!

    Illness and death are so hard and it affects everyone so differently. We didn't have much time with my mom. Woulld it have made it any easier if we

    You and your lovedmomes are in my prayers!



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