Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Junking is in our blood.
I am a junker.
I love old and kinda dirty anything...
well not men.
But you know what I mean.
My grandma took us to the junkyard weekly 
and we drug home tons of projects.
When my kids were little 
I attended a weekly auction and got super stuff.
After I opened my antique shop and 
started doing shows, 
I upgraded to better and better stuff.
Some of it may still look like junk
but trust me, it isn't.
Antiques hold their value 
so when you trade or sell
you get your money back and then some.
It is the new green.
Now my girls love it too.
They have a business
named after my mom.
Today Annie, Maggie and I
plus the babies and Caroline
went junking.
They are having a Christmas show 
and we needed to get some goods.
I was pumped.
I am loving this cooler weather..
it makes me wanna go flea-ing.
I threw on my hoodie,
my cropped boyfriends
and my hard-soled mocs.

Notice anything?
 I didn't until 45 minutes later.
I was crawling in the truck and Maggie says
"Mom,  your shoes are on the wrong feet!"
 They were in hysterics.
I was incredulous.
No way.
Oh yeah, way.
 Help me. 

 The right/better way...

Then I remembered 
I went rummaging with my mom
 a few years ago.
We are hot in pursuit of great stuff
when I stop and I look over at Mom.
Something is wrong.
she has her coat on upside down.
Seriously, upside down!
We died. 
She said it felt funny.
Ya think?
this is Everett  90 % of the time.
Hmmm, genetics?
You're welcome Ev.

208. a work-out buddy
227. a cool night
168. a knock knock joke


  1. You and Everett with your shoes on the wrong feet. I wonder if my Clementine is related? She wears her floral rain boots just like your Ev.

    Speaking of genetics, how is that Penelope Jane's hair lookin', Janie? Red?

  2. Ha! Thanks for the laugh. You crack me up! I need to hang out with you one day

  3. I love your stories Janie.....thanks for the laugh! Oh and I am pumped for the holiday show!

  4. Janie, I never just EXPECT your blog to be funny, but I usually find myself laughing out loud. Now I know why you and Michelle were such great roomies. I'm sure you were in stitches MOST of the time. No wonder she doesn't remember college. The upside down coat GOT ME!

  5. You had me crackin up ...with your shoes on wrong...That coat malfunction is curious...lol
    BTW...I love junking too, but have a prob waking up early

  6. That's the nice thing about mocs! (I can't figure how it works with boots though.)

    I'm jealous of your junkin' expedition. No shows in my future and I've run out of room to put it!

  7. So glad you had such a fun time and too funny about the shoes!! Lol
    And look at your boy...just like Mom!!
    Way to go!

    Deborah xoxo

  8. That is hilarious! I sometimes buy the same shoes in different colors if I love them and I was horrified to attend an outdoor symphony concert with 2 different color shoes!

  9. I think it's a sign of genius...or insomnia. Here's to at least being able to afford shoes to wear.

  10. Her coat was on upside-down? I mean....WHAT? And why is there not a picture of this? Ah ha ha ha ha! Oh, how I needed this laugh.

    ps - LOVE the photo of the bottom of your kicks. I want to junk with allayoun's!

  11. oh this too good! Hey, you're mind was on the prize, you can't be bothered with shoes! I am gonna have to share a story now on the blog, it involves my children and dumpster diving... they may never forgive me!


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