Tuesday, August 23, 2011


I went to Annie's to see the younguns
after Aubrie got home from school.

She has gone 2 days and 
tells us she is betrothed.
Aww  Come on!
I blame her Pa Fox side for this.
However, the best part of that is 
he told her if she married him 
she could have many cats.
 She doesn't remember her intended's name.
If that's not destiny,
I don't know what is.
I forgot my big ball that Ollie needs for therapy
and my camera.
I sent Annie to my house to retrieve them.
She did this.
Shenaniganning Goofus.
Ollie worked out some

and then crashed.

There was crafting

and mugging for the camera.

And then one last picture of Penelope on board.

I'll let you all know
just as soon as she makes her appearance.
Pray on people, pray on.

116. spooning my sweetie
73. my porches
141. hummingbirds
167. an organized closet


  1. Let us know the baby news!

    You have a huge family (this comment is for the last two posts). How much fun it would be to have a family like that, that gets together annually and really likes each other. You all have the sweetest smiles and kind faces...

    Loved all the pics. Hugs Janie --- Happy Tuesday.

  2. Janie, you have such a beautiful family! I feel like I know them all!

  3. Oh, wow! BEAUTIFUL pictures.
    Of course, it helps to have such beautiful people to photograph.
    Shall be praying without ceasing for that new granddaughter's arrival...

  4. You have the best family!!!! I love yours and Annie's posts! Praying for baby Penelope and mama today!

  5. Just think ...little Penelope might even be here as I type this!!...can't wait for pics..

  6. What a beautiful family! Such happiness and excitement...a wedding to plan with Mr. No Name AND a baby on the way.

  7. I love the photo of Ollie looking at Annie, she sure does love her momma!

  8. The great part about this early betrothal is that it leaves plenty of time to plan all the details of the wedding and get to know the in-laws well before marriage. I'm sure there are plenty of other perks, too. (Giving parents and grandparents ample time to let go, etc.)

  9. I LOVE your granddaughter's glasses! She looks adorable in them!

    I also love all of the cute shenanigans.

    Ollie is just precious.

    I can't wait to hear that Penelope is here and btw, i love the name Penelope!! Too cute!

  10. That Annie + Ollie are just precious!

  11. LOVE the pictures! What a beautiful family!


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