Sunday, August 14, 2011

Ready, Set, Go.

Baby countdown has begun.
We are one week from the due date of August 22nd.
Miss Caroline is getting a baby sister. 

Maggie and Kylie have dubbed the little bundle
Penelope Jane.

Sometimes, I can't believe my baby is a mom.
And now a mom to 2 baby girls of her own.
The years went so fast.
When she was little we called her Gig. 
Or The Gig.
Or, Giggie Jo because Abbie couldn't say Maggie.
Some of us still call her that at times.
I have a note framed that Maggie
wrote at school when she was 10.
I like the teacher's comment.
I especially like the face Mag made 
on the word cook.

It still makes me smile.
She still makes me smile.
Being her mom is one of my greatest blessings.
Keep us in your prayers.
Daughters in labor isn't easy.
Moms in labor, 
well that is even harder.


  1. That went so fast! I can't get over how 'ripe' she is! Congratulations grannie!

  2. The word ripe in Jayme's comment grossed me out. Just sayin.

  3. Something I haven't experienced yet... Having a daughter, my baby, having a baby... Wow.... Best wishes and prayers for all that is to come!

  4. What a blessing! Really so many blessings...a baby on the way to look forward and precious memories to look back on. I am so happy for you and your family. You are in my prayers for a smooth delivery. August is a good month for babies, my first was due on Aug. 22, 1997. He showed up on Aug 4th. I can't believe he just turned 14.

  5. Two girls, sweeeeet! If she makes it to the 22nd, that's my Mom's BD! Love the note, wish I had saved things like that and framed them. Was I thinking they would be little forever...blink!

  6. Congratulations and you are right - Daughters in labor isn't easy - Hang in there!
    Renee W.
    Austin, TX

  7. Can't wait for you! Can't wait for me...our daughter-in-law has the same due date! This is our first gradchild....
    love and prayers to all!

  8. Hoping the week doesn't seem to drag for you all! Kind of nice that (at least here) it's not quite so hot as previous weeks...Can't wait to see Penelope Jane.

  9. Best wishes to everyone involved, how exciting to be around your neck of the woods next week! Love that school note - that was certainly worth keeping! Ann

  10. oh my. horray!
    and that note is precious. i want one!

  11. I'm so happy for you...another Little to love. Jealous too...I really want one of those.

    I still have tons of the kids notes, and I'll keep them and look at them until I leave this world. Those make the best memories, don't they?

    Love you, Cousin!



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