Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Dumbo does lunch

Today I had lunch with my bestie, Michelle.
She was a friend's roommate in college
but once I met her she was mine.
 (taken on my phone, still no camera)
We have laughed and cried together for many years.
She lives about 70 miles from me.
We swore when our girls were grown
we would have more time together.
Pfft. That hasn't happened.
I hadn't seen her in 3 months so I was pumped.
We went junking and lunched.
At lunch we were gabbing, of course.
I noticed the lady at the table next to us
was really paying attention to our conversation.
At one point I said blah blah blah...our lawyer...
and I swear she was up on her haunches.
Totally up in our business.
Obviously enraptured.
I whisper out the side of my mouth
"have you noticed that lady hanging on our words"
Michelle nodded yes.
I decided to "write" a little fiction to give her 
something worthy of eavesdropping.
I said "well, she went to jail."
I love Michelle because she gets me.
Without missing a beat she said
"well you can only steal so long and you are going to get caught."
I said "yeah, she got fired in Decatur and then started it over here"
(we were in Springfield)
I said "I think she will probably go to prison.
It is the drugs that started it."
Michelle said "and the prostitution."
By now the lady practically has her head
in Michelle's lap.
Michelle is about to blow soda out her nose.
I decided to use an old All My Children reference
"well Dixie never could do right without Tad"
We were fighting laughter.
At that point the husband of the woman
got up to leave and she had to follow.
I swear she left with her ear still on our table.
Now the poor lady is jonesing for the ending of the story
but we haven't written it yet.
I kinda feel bad for her.


  1. I love the fact that you used Tad and Dixie! (watched religiously from 1977 to 2006 - gave it up cold turkey, but still love all those AMC peeps) Glad you had some fun with nosy dining neighbor - I have to admit that sometimes my ears can't help picking up some drama at the next table. Now I will know it could be the fiction of Janie and Michelle at work! Ann

  2. That's a hoot....serves her right horning in your conversation! I love it.

  3. hahahahaha! Janie, you are too darn funny for your own good. : xoxoxoxo

  4. Oh Tad and Dixie....how I miss them. I'm thankful that they live on in your fictional stories. Grammy got us started on AMC when we were about FIVE I think.

    That lady is going to have something to talk about for MONTHS, thanks to you guys.

    PS....NEVER come to Springfield again without coming to see ME, too, please!



  5. Your friend has a very kind face and a beautiful smile.

    I loved that you embellished for the nosy neighbor. I have to say...I have awesome hearing--I can hear things that people haven't even said yet, only thought...(how's that for embellishment?), and I have been guilty of over hearing things that are none of my business. I have tried NOT to listen but sometimes it just can't be helped. Good heavens though, I hope I have never looked or seemed as interested as the woman in your post...

    Happy Happy Hump day to you! :)

  6. You two are dangerous together! As loud as I talk, they don't have to crane their necks very far!

  7. What a hoot! (And like a couple others before me, I confess to occasional interest in table talk around me. In fact, it's kind of a "game". I DO fill in the blanks with my own conjectures.)

  8. That's hilarious! Serves her right for being so nosy!! You sillies!

  9. Uh-oh....I have to admit I have been guilty of listening to conversations at the table beside me before...but I hope I was a little more subtle. My husband gets so mad at me when we are out to dinner and I do this ( I tell him he better tell me something exciting so he can compete with the neighboring table...)

  10. I like to tell people that my friends and I are out only on a weekend pass. That gets 'em going.

    Off to have some adventures tomorrow with my bestie--Lucy and Ethel ride again!

  11. Oh my gosh...that is going to be my new favorite activity ever. Ever. You are a nut.


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