Wednesday, July 27, 2011


There is something funny going on.
Who has the voodoo doll of me?
I envision the scenario like 
Gilligan and Skipper always had
with the island natives.
You youngsters google Gilligan's Island.
Gilligan not Jim Gaffigan.
 I do love him too.
Hot Pockets.
There is a difference.
Anyway, the subject of this post is
something is up around here.
I am going through electronics at an alarming pace.
First, my Blackberry died Sunday.
Next, my camera on Monday.
Today, the Kindle.
Verizon replaced the phone.
The camera dying is a good thing.
The pictures were always blurry.
I have to return it 
and it is under warranty.
I plan to get something different, if possible.
The Kindle is not under warranty.
The good news is they are cheaper now
and I don't  have to get the 3G 
like last time b/c that was all there was.
Although, maybe I should just
write letters,
take to sketching,
and pick up a real book.
As for now, 
I am wrapping the computers in bubble wrap,
and praying over the central air. 

Here is the Hot Pocket video...
one of my all time faves.
Too funny.

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  1. I love Jim! He's so funny. Hope you get a good deal on a new Kindle!

  2. Didn't you lose your camera and buy another one, only to find the original? Seems like I remember something like that!

  3. Jim is so funny. My son once commented on one of his Youtube videos and Jim responded to him. Good luck with those darn electronics - maybe the whole grid system will go out and we can go back to more civilized and simpler times. No! That means I would lose my DVR. Forget it, I need my "luxuries". I still think you stole one of my follwers. Ann

  4. How long have you had your Kindle? I just got mine and haven't heard of anyone having problems with theirs. Good luck with the electronics!

  5. My three year old Kindle pooped out when we were on a two month trip home from Arizona, thought I would just lay down and die. I cannot function without it, it is my sleeping pill, my pain pill, my mood altering pill, my everything. Luckily I called and had a new one fed ex'd to one of our stopover locations. Crisis resolved. I just wish I understood how all my electronics really worked!

  6. okay, maybe it's the haints that are also haunting Jayme? This is weird.

  7. oooh...103 followers now! : -D Hey, you know I'm blaming you now for all of my shenanigans. Tried to do a yoga tape yesterday - VCR shot - all of my devilment starting happening after you visited. Fess up girl. You gots my piller.

  8. Hmmm...shenanigans? Dying electronics? Coincidence? Me think not!

  9. Yikers! Hmmm...don't these things happen in threes? Maybe you are safe now! I hope so!

    Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale
    A tale of a faithful trip
    That started from this docking board
    Aboard this tiny ship

    The mate was a mighty fearless man
    The Skipper brave and sure....

    that is from memory--I LOVE Gilligan's Island

    with GILLIGAN...the Skipper too!
    The millionaire and his wife...
    the movie star....~
    Professor and Maryann
    Here on Gilligan's Isle!!!

    hee hee...did I get a song stuck in your head?? lol

  10. I am a youngun. Or i like to consider myself so. And I know what Gilligan's Island is! :)
    Maybe your electric personality is simply too much for all the electronic items in your possession. ;)


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