Sunday, July 17, 2011

My blogging ritual

I have been blogging for 6 months.
I'm still amazed how much
I truly love it.
I have found friends and kindred spirits
through my readers.
It still astonishes me that 
anyone cares what I have to say
or that anyone actually misses me
when I don't blog.
Before I blog I get psyched up.
I do some stretches and then 
I watch this video I shot 
when I first started blogging.
I watch it regularly
to give myself
some daily affirmation.
 I was a little hoarse
and my hair was lighter...
but yes, it really is me...
I just changed my name for anonymity.


  1. I like you!!...but I would keep your day job!

  2. Love Stuart...oops, I mean Janie..

    Have a wonderful week. :)

  3. i laughed out loud...and so did Zac

  4. YOU are so danged funny!
    lc and jace's
    nana cam

  5. I consider you one of my pretend friends. I'm glad we met! I'm glad you blog!

  6. That's RIGHT! And don't you forget it!

  7. I like.....I really, really like you!!

  8. Gee, that looks a lot like me! Blogging is a wonderful thing - I have met so many wonderful people - like you! Ann

  9. Stuart Smalley!!! Really really like him! I feel like all of us bloggy gals are kindred spirits. It's like meeting at the fence to chit chat with coffee, isn't it?


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