Wednesday, July 13, 2011

up with the chickens

I was squirreled away in "The Squirrel"
for a few hours each night
to be rudely interrupted each morning by 
 He is the cock of the walk.
He got us all stirred up.

Each morning,
I went on a garden tour by myself
only to be followed and harassed the entire time.

We visited another pal and her sweet littles.
Ruby is shy and sweet.
I tried to no avail 
get her cuteness to climb in my pocket
and return home with me.
Oh my Siley Pie,
those eyes!
I believe none of the antics your mama 
claims you are up to.

And Calvin is smart and adorable
and betrothed to my Miss Aubrie.

We had lunch and played.
Jayme stirred the kiddos into a frenzy
that almost rendered her a spanking.

Aaron was in tow.
I adored him as  much as he could tolerate.
He also refused to come home in my pocket.

We had late dinners,
took a 5 mile trek, and spent much time gabbing.
I ate clean and strength trained.
I was in boot camp for free.
 I was treated like 
the kind of relatives you like.
I will be returning, but
I am taking a bigger pocket.


  1. looks like my kind of fun...bigger pockets for sure!

  2. Jealous !!!!!! That is all - next time, venture a little further to the Arm Pit of America... ummmm, yeah, I mean, The Garden State !!!!

    Glad you all had such fun - definitely bigger pockets next time !


  3. You are in trouble for posting a picture if my unweeded, chicken ravaged walkway, but it is tempered with the picture of me looking thinnish.

    Come back.

  4. How could you NOT have fun with the Coop Keeper and the Flower Patch Farm Girl? Even if you had to endure boot camp :)

  5. Hope that pocket is big enough to take me next time!

  6. sounds like fun? Except I get super cranky when I don't get sleep. I am not a good sport. I would put up with it (I think) to hang out with you guys.

  7. awww, you lucky duck! Looks like tons of fun! :)

  8. What fun and I love your accomodations and alarm clocks! Ann


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