Thursday, June 30, 2011


I have tickets to the Little Theater.
It is a small theater but it was 
originated by a man with the name Little.
That is all the history I know.
It is in a nearby town about 20 min away.
There are 5 summer shows.
I have missed the first 2 b/c of my bible study
but now our schedule is changed so I can go to both.
We go to dinner and then attend the show.
Last night was Oklahoma.
The show was good, the company better.
I have changed the names to protect the innocent guilty.
The group I go with is very funny and crazy.
I attend with the notorious Ruby,
La Theresa ( who is normally the crazy one), 
La Dot,
and Ruby's sister, L'Audrey.
We  had dinner at a local restaurant
hit a little shop, then attended the show.
After the show we loaded up for the trek home.
After we are all settled in the car,
La Theresa informs us there has been a wardrobe change
in the course of the evening.
"What"? we ask.
Well, it seems La Dot was suffering some discomfort
in her nether region.
Panties in a wad or something to that nature.
Being the resourceful gal she is
she decided to remove them and go bareback.
Soaking up culture commando-style.
We were incredulous.
We were in hysterics.
We said "what did you do with them?"
She said "I put them in my purse."
L'Audrey said "Well how big is your purse?"
I died. 
Seriously, I lost it.
In L'Audrey's (and La Dot's) defense,
La Theresa carries a teeny weeny purse.
L'Audrey was envisioning that.
We asked all the details.
"When did you do this?"
"where were you?"
"in the darkened theater?"
"or in the bathroom?"
We decided we would get her a special bag.
It would be designer-like.
It would have a DUP emblem.
You know for (La) Dot's Underpants Purse.
We asked "why didn't you just throw them away?"
Her answer "they are my good underpants."
Yeah, real good.
I 've been wanting some new, good underpants.
I wished I had asked where she shops.
What's d.u.p. with that?


  1. So, funny! I have actually removed my upper undergarments in a darkened theater to gain some "freedom", so I guess I need an ABP! Ann

  2. I have done this with pantyhose, bra and SPANX! Not all at the same The only one I left in the garbage can were the Spanx...never again!

  3. I have done this with spanx too....they give me gas. Is that TMI?

  4. Is the theatre in Sullivan? I have been there if that is it. You crack me up.

  5. ROLFMBO! You ladies sound like too much fun!

  6. I have tears in my eyes, sound like the same crowd I run with!!


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