Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Chair warfare

Tonight I spent some time with my twin sis, Jackie 
and one of my older sisters, Linda.
Jackie is getting rid of a chair.
It is a chair I have loved from afar.
I. pine. for. it.
Truly it is a chair love affair.
Linda has threatened to take it.
She has tormented me that she will own it.
I am on the offense.
I WILL get the chair.
We belong together.
Besides, I have ammunition.
Many weapons stories.
Jackie and I used to sport terrible hairdos.
We had two looks.
Pixie cut with uneven bangs (thank you cowlicks)
or bad Toni home perms.
We wanted long, flowing locks.
We would wear our pajama pants on our heads 
and pretend the pant legs were our hair.
We would flip them all around.
It was entertaining...
dancing and flipping hair.
These were the days before Atari.
Atari was before Nintendo.
We are ancient.
We were cool and imaginative.
Or we were just weird.
When we were in high school
a hypnotist came for an assembly.
Jackie was chosen to be hypnotized.
When he said a certain chosen word
she left her seat,
took the stage
and started singing
"I Got You Babe".
At the time she had a short haircut but 
she swung her head around
like she had 3 ft. of hair.
It was crazy.
I wanted to throw her 
a pair of pajama pants.
That would have stolen the show.
So Jackie...I got you babe.
Walk away from the chair
and no one gets hurt. 


  1. I can't wait to see a picture of (your) chair!

  2. My sister and I did the same thing with our clothing!!! So funny!!!

  3. Ha....pajama pants as hair. Love it! Can you still get Jackie to sing when you say that word?

  4. Janie - you MUST have that chair! And I used to do the same thing with the PJ bottoms or a long stocking cap which sufficed. Ann

  5. Since my hubby says if I bring one more chair home he is going to have me committed I am going to let you slide on this one.....p.s. I will be so glad when that Stevie Tyler pic rolls off your blog...he scares me every time I roll down to get to your blog roll !!

  6. Oh my gosh this is sooo funny! My sister and I did the same thing only with towels held on with belts from our bathrobes!

    Thanks for the laugh!

    P.S. I'm sure you're going to get that chair, especially if there are more stories to tell. :)

  7. I want to see the chair too!!! Post a pic! :) (And swipe it in her sleep!) lol

  8. I used to watch Sonny n Cher while hangin out in my parents bedroom. They had a chair made outta velvet with tall narrow back n "ears" that I called the cat chair.
    I had really bad perms. Home or shop. We refer to that as my Jimi Hendrix phase. I had raccoon eye make up to complete the "look."
    Now I have to wear a wig due to autoimmune issues. And I still can't flip it behind my shoulders.
    What the heck happened to poor Chastity? Maybe the name alone?!

  9. I'm no longer alone!! I used to do the same thing with pj bottoms LOL!! my mother still laughs about it, Thanks to her thinking she was a hair dresser NOT I had a very short hair do that was apparently very traumatic for me! LOL

  10. Oh Janie...Toni home perms....I can smell the stench just thinking about them! And we used slips instead of pajama pants..that's how we rolled... ;)

    Susan from GA


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