Thursday, June 16, 2011


So You Think You Can Dance...
I didn't get to watch the show last nite.
I DVR-ed it while I was at bible study.
There was cake...I partook.
I didn't have supper though, 
so all evened out I reckon.
I had to wait until Caroline went home
to view my "taped" show.
All day Beauty and the Beast was on
in the background.
She danced when I put it on.
She literally hollered with glee.
She knows what's happening next.
Crazy about it, is an understatement.
If only I was capable of video taping.
Finally, I got settled with the remote
and watched the dances.
First I was surprised to see Megan Mullally
but she says she has a little dance experience
so I'll give her that.
I am claiming that for my expertise too.
I cheered and we danced at halftimes.
I danced in school musicals.
I took square dance lessons (ugh).
I have danced at weddings.
 Aw heck, I am critical...
that is my expertise.
I am glad Mary Murphy is back.
From her smile and her voice she 
makes me think that if Elmo and Marie Osmond
had a baby , she would be it.
I know she is as old as Marie, but I think it could happen.
 So, who did you love??
I loved Melanie and Marko.
I agree with Mary.
Fantastic all around.
I think Ryan is going home.
She dances well.
Her smile was so distracting during her dance,
I lost focus on the dance.
I was thinking shut your mouth for most of it.
I want Iveta's figure...Wowza.
I think they are all great.
I could do with a bit less of
Mary and Nigel's commentary.
The whole speil about why was Ryan smiling...
did she leave for vacation? blah blah blah
really got to be too  much.
I do love this show though.
I am hooked.


  1. You left me in the dust with the mention of Megan Mullally. I confess to being "celebrity challenged".

    I despair of fully appreciating SYTYCD, so shall settle for finishing the 3 library books I'm peckin' away at...

  2. I am behind because of RL issues, but will have something to say this weekend. I have missed Mary (Elmo/Marie) Murphy and her Hot Tamale Train. So I look forward to my indulgence of catching up. Oh, and I am probably one of the few who likes Cat. "And now your joooodges...". Ann

  3. Well, I'm back. Because. I talked Mr. T out of watching whatever and we watched last nite's SYTYCD. Without listening to the "jooodges" I pick first Miranda and Robert and then second (and I didn't expect to like them) Vita and Robert. This was a wonderful distraction and I just love to see the talent of these "kids"! Ann

  4. new favorite word ;-)

  5. I love this show, too. I think I might be bummed if they have "guest judges" that are just fluff. I'd be happy if they just always had Nigel, Mary, and rotate Tyce, Mia, Debbie or my fav Adam in. Love love anything that Travis and Sonja create, and I think my new fav choreo/judge is that cute Jason the ballroom guy. I never glom onto actual names for several episodes but that statue routine by Travis. Showstopping. I like both of those dancers. I'm pretty sure if I get to work now, I can hit it at a tryout for next season.

  6. Aaron is on the floor having a flying fit over your Elmo comment. He will talk your ear off about SYTYCD when you get here. Prepare thyself.


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