Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Science Fiction

Lest you  have forgotten,
Ruby is my in-law.
She is Jade's mom.
She is my friend.
She is a nut.
While in St. Louis we cried together,
prayed together,
and laughed together... a lot.
Ruby, Annie, and I 
were visiting in the room
while our baby girl rested.
I commented how the blankets,
and just the whole place
smelled just the same as
when I had the twins 27 yrs ago.
That smell hit me in the face
when my mom had heart surgery.
I wasn't ready for it and it upset me.
This time I said how I was ready,
prayed up, and things were good.
Ruby said everyone absorbs scents from places
and then emits them their urine.
Holy asparagus!
Annie and I were incredulous.
Whatcha talkin bout Willis? 
We said no, we don't.
Spongebob Ruby claimed it is true.
She was certain in fact.
Fact for her, in any case.
We did not make her prove it.
Personally, I think she needs
to drink more water.
And take meds...haha
However, I should have advised her 
to stay out of smoky rock concerts.
She  doesn't want that smell 
to show up in her urine.
 She might have some explaining to do.


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