Sunday, June 12, 2011

I'll leave the light on for ya

Miss O. is doing great.
She is now in the step down unit.
We are gearing up to going home.
Tomorrow are several tests...
an Echo, EKG and lung x-rays.
She looks fantastic.
She is off oxygen and only taking Tylenol.
She is walking it off like Pa Stuart would.
She is a tough little booger.
Stuart's cousin Cindi came to visit yesterday.
We have re-connected through facebook and 
through our blogs.
We had a great visit.
 Pa Stuart and Abbie brought Ollie's siblings here Saturday.
Grandpa Rick came to pick up Grandma Ruby.
They went home.
The littles spent the night with us in our room.
We had popcorn and a movie.
They slept in the king-sized bed.
Pa and I slept in the twin cot.
Seriously, we were comfy.
I have missed him the last few days.
Today Maggie and Kylie brought Caroline.
I have missed that baby girl too.
I was thrilled to see her
and she was really happy to see me.
She yelled Mama Janie and ran to me.
We visited the big fish tank many times.
Aubrie tried naming all the fish.
Later, they all went to the zoo. 
Abbie and Zac went too.
They went home from there.
Stuart went home tonight.
Jackie came to keep me company.
I have had revolving roommates.
 I have had no time to blog.
I have been visiting and snuggling that baby non-stop. 

We hope to get her home in the next couple of days.
I'll let you know.
I got a Ruby story I'm itching to tell.
She didn't even try to bribe or threaten me.
I think she has underestimated me ;)
More later...


  1. hahaha the two of you in a tiny bed. zac and i were sad enough that our hotel bed was a full sized bed.

  2. Such awesomeness !!!!!! I couldn't be happier for you all - most especially our super girl Ollie !

    Jacob's scar is completely hidden by his hairy Cuban chest (just like his daddy's) - he said Ollie will have to come up with a good "line" for hers. Something like mauled by a tiger on Safari would be a good pick up line - lol !

  3. Such a cutie! So glad all went well. Our daughter Sara has Down Syndrome and just graduated from high school last weekend. It goes so fast! Enjoy!

  4. Awe sum! That is just the most loving and strong little baby I've ever seen. No wonder; sounds like the apples fall close to the tree in your family! God Bless!

  5. I'm itchin' to hear the Ruby story & rejoicing in Miss O's recovery. I KNOW a lot of it has to do with the loving touches she's receiving from y'all.

  6. I just knew everything would work out just right! I'm just in from my camping trip, thought about all y'alls so much during it. xoxo

  7. she's gotten so BIG! wowza. so glad to hear she's going so good...yay:)


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