Saturday, June 11, 2011


Today's news so far  from Annie. Stuart is bringing the sibs tonight to see her if all goes well. They will stay with us and then tomorrow Aunt Magggie and Uncle Kylie are bringing Caroline and taking all to the zoo.
Keep praying. We have much to praise Him for. More later....


  1. Praise the Lord, I am so happy everything is going so well. Hugs and Love to all of you! Anne

  2. Checked in. Praised along with y'all. Checking out till later....

  3. You have the most amazing family. All of your daughters are simply angels. You are very Blessed to have them, your great SIL's, a great hubby, wonderful granchildren, Ollie Faith and most important the Lord! What else could a person want! LOL
    I am so thankful that Ollie Faith is doing well. She has had many prayer warriors praying for her before she was even born. She is going to do remarkable things. God has placed her here for a speical purpose. I think she has already touched many hearts and has made a difference in many people's lifes.

  4. I just got out of the baby hospital for a round of light treatment for my Tobin who had Jaundice. I didn't really enjoy being there, but I was sooooo thankful that I COULD be there...that my son would be treated.
    I'll keep praying. Hospitals are NOT fun, but thank goodness for them.
    Hope Ollie feels better soon!


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