Wednesday, June 15, 2011

More for your information.

I am loving The Voice.
From her wardrobe, I think Christina Aguilera twilights as a hooker.

I love Meredith Viera.
I think Ann Curry should have stayed playing 2nd fiddle.
I may end my boycott of Good Morning America since Joan Lunden left.
It probably is time.

I cry when I see Ollie's heart surgery scar.
It is going to be her "medal" for strength.

Caroline is still obsessed with the Beast.
Now she says Gaston is mean.
No one sells a Beast doll anymore.
Her birthday party is going to have Beauty and the Beast
as it's theme.

I fell last week trying to put Ev's John Deere trike in the barn.
I was riding it like a scooter and wiped out trying to stop it.
I jumped up and checked for onlookers.
I have a big gash on my shin.
I am unable to shave said shin.
I look like Beast from the right knee down.

I am 52 but feel like I am 12 inside.
I may practice riding that trike scooter-style again.
In the grass...

I am committed to eating healthier.
No more Ollie stress.
Cake calms stress better than lettuce.

I am going to see the Coopkeeper this summer.
She has lost 43+ lbs.
I may not recognize her.
I will take lettuce.

I went with Maggie to her OB appt. today.
Baby Penelope is due in 10 weeks.
Caroline is having her birthday 2 days before Penelope is due.
We may have to have the party in the hospital.
Having a daughter in labor is stressful.
I will need birthday cake.

SYTYCD starts competition this week.
I am ready to start my critique.
It airs Wednesdays and Thursdays on Fox. 
I hope you watch and keep score too.
I am an excellent dancer.
I dance like I ride scooters.
You get the drift.

I have bible study tonight.
We are going to a have a celebration for Ollie.
We may have cake.
Dern it.... I think cake stalks me.


  1. figures we watch the same shows. we sit and yell at the tv for christina to put the girls away. it's gross! no one want to see that!!! love's amazing. she's lost 43 pounds. holy cow that's quite an accomplishment. you will have so much fun.

  2. FIRST of I used to tell my kids...I have spies everywhere and I have video footage of your "fall". Quit showing off! If you don't want your attempted handstand on the handlebars on youtube you will send cake to MY address. You make me laugh!

  3. Cake(cookies, chocolate, chips, brownies, ice cream and m&m's)stalks me too. You have been through so much...tomorrow is a new day, eat your cake tonight. So much reason to celebrate!

  4. Cake calms the soul. The cashier at the hospital cafeteria makes a comment if I don't eat cake daily. Sometimes I eat it for breakfast.....

    I love you, girl! :)

    Happy Day...


  5. The first 2 lines made me laugh out loud...seriously. Then I read it to Toot Toot + she laughed. Oh, and I love cake.

  6. your posts crack me up!

    I found some beast dolls.

  7. Great post Janie...made me laugh. I really liked Meredith too!! Wish I could have seen you on that! Go eat lots of cake, you have been through enough!


  8. I needed a good laugh today...I'm sorry that it was at your expense, but it was also at the expense of CA and her hookerness ;)

  9. I want to hang out with you -- for many reasons, mainly bc you are awesome. :) But also bc I want cake to stalk me, too.


    Hugs dear friend.

  10. I too, am contemplating a Today show shift. Anne does not do it for me. As for Xtina, it's that extention weave mess that she has goin on that needs to go away. Girl needs to get her hair done did. She is my 2nd client (after LiLo) of my new consulting business **Oh Honey, No! - The friend you need that you obviously don't have** I could help her.

  11. I am downloading the satellite footage of your trike "stunt". My hope is it will go viral and you and I will be rich. You have a lot of excitement coming your way and cake sounds like the perfect thing to me who has been pretending to be on the Atkins diet for the last month. I have a wedding to be part of. I have come to hate lettuce and think I will go on your cake diet. And ride a trike. Ann P.S. I think they are having more fun over at GMA these days - I was mad when Diane Sawyer left...

  12. Girl, eat ya some cake... start tomorrow:^).
    I've been following Ollie and her little life so far, she is so beautiful!
    I'm starting the no carb. diet tomorrow, maybe we could be each others crutch! Good luck to ya!! I'm hungry, gotta go


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