Sunday, June 19, 2011

Dream On

I am a little troubled.
I don't usually remember dreams
but last night's is haunting me a bit. 
This face in particular.

Steven Tyler wanted to marry me.
I tried to tell him
I am a happily married woman
to no avail.
He was hot for me.
Hotter than a $2.00 pistol.
What in the world?
I loved him on Idol but
I have never been attracted to the man.
I believe I have even said on this very blog
"Steven Tyler looks like an old woman".
An old woman with a soul patch but
an old woman none the less.
I am not a huge Aerosmith fan either.
The crazy thing is I woke
and then went back to sleep and 
there he was again,
still in hot pursuit of me.
Does anyone de-code dreams?
 Maybe I want his hair, his hair feathers,
or maybe his music royalties.
Most likely I want his skinny arms.
Now I have Dream On stuck in my head.
I may never sleep again.
Here's Dream On 
so you can have it stuck in your head too.


  1. Uh-oh Mom would be upset if you stole her man! :)

  2. I am a Massachusetts girl, Aerosmith is like royalty around here. They played a dance at our high school that my babysitter back in the day went to before they hit it big. Your dream...I have no clue cause...that, that dude looks like a lady...that that dude looks like a lady... now I will be singing that song all night long : )

  3. Janie, this is so funny! I try to decode my dreams, but I think they would indicate I am Craaaaaaaazzzzzzyyyyyy! Many years ago I dreamed that Clint Eastwood wanted to marry me and I have never forgotten that dream. Don't know what it meant, but I do have a certain affection for his directed films..... Steven Tyler is a kick. I think he is someone who lived it up pretty hard, but has learned a lot of lessons along the way and come out the other side a better person. (one who shops who-knows-where, but a better person). So, Dream On.... Ann

  4. This is HIlariOUS! I actually have been having dreams of my own lately. I've started to write them down 'cause they've been so vivid. (Still haven't figured out what in the world they mean--if anything.)

    The first in a series was that my grandmother (long deceased) was marrying Jack LaLayne. And Jack was the father of 15 children. My poor father didn't quite know how to handle the wedding (he was presiding) because Jack kept on kissing his mother throughout the ceremony.

    I DID like Steven on Idol. I couldn't help myself. I wonder if I could work him into my dream series????

  5. oh girl i wish i could help you on this one. i have the weirdest dreams too. i had a "dream" about a particular woman neighbor the other night and it was so disturbing that i about blushed when i saw her at the pool the next day. tell me that isn't double ICK!!! i'd rather dream about steven tyler;)

  6. Janie....LMFBO!!! (laughing my fat butt off). You are hiliarious girl!!


  7. Maybe you were "Jaded" and wanted to "Walk This Way" to get some "Love in an Elevator"? Old Stevie better watch out, because "Janie's got a Gun"...and a $2 pistol at that!

    Girl, you are FUNNY.



  8. Steven Tyler is KICKY...loved him on Idol...the hair, the hair Feather(my fav) and the outfits...So Dream on Baby!!! Enjoy! Life is short...C

  9. As you know, my sister would leave her husband of 25+ years in a heartbeat for Steven Tyler. I'm not even sure she would take time to leave a note. I was just thinking about him today, hearing his new song on the radio and laughing thinking how my mom used to refer to him as "the dregs of humanity"... great, thanks Janie, now I'm sure I'LL be dreaming about him tonight.

  10. Hmmmm...don't really know what to say Janie!.lol...

  11. What a nightmare! I'm with you -- Steven Tyler is the most unattractive man I've ever seen.

  12. Barf, he's never done a thing for me! I'm gonna ask my husband he loves trying to figure out dreams. He and a friend are strangely good at it too!



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