Friday, June 17, 2011

Beastly fun(fetti)

I have spent the last two days with 
Miss Caroline.
Today I had Annie's two kids
while Ollie went back for a check-up.
She is great.
She doesn't go back for two months 
and is getting off her meds.
She has gained 7 oz.
Amazing what getting your ticker fixed can do.
After 3000 viewings
I have this almost memorized.

 But I cannot refuse this:

Totally enraptured.

We played outside this morning.

I love baby legs.

Everett found a frog on the trampoline.
Aubrie was all over that.
She is a mini animal encyclopedia.
She busted out the bucket. 
Obviously, the bucket was suited to the size of the frog.

She chose the dress and the silver sandals.
She didn't think it was necessary to comb her hair 
until after lunch.
Hair combing would have been over-kill. 
After lunch it rained.
Naturally, we went looking for worms.
I am cool like that.

Aubrie abandoned the silver shoes for snow boots.

Everett tormented loved on the kitty.

Oh and my stalker was there today.
On the counter coyly calling my name.
Mr. Funfetti sheet cake.
It is called Funfetti for a reason.
It is fun.
I resisted.
No fun (fetti) for Miss funfatti.
In my defense, I don't think I am the only one
who has been eating too much cake.

I reckon we need a bigger pillow. 
Or less cake.


  1. ok you are a too too fun Yeah for Ollie...that Aubrie sure is a Fashion DIVA!!! Love ya Dear Friend...c u soon I hope...Luvs~~~C

  2. On that picture with the Three Umbrellas, it appears that Caroline is getting HER fashion cues from her Cousin Aubrie. Color seem to be genetically implanted throughout your family line. I ♥ it!

    BTW, here at OUR house, we've been going for "bigger pillows" lately. I think it's time we tried "less cake".

  3. are a clever mom.

  4. Naturally she changed in to snow boots from the silver sandals. Naturally.

  5. Obviously their owner got them a pillow that waas way too small in the first place ;p

  6. Loved the dog photos. Snuggling up so cute together. We do love our pets don't we?
    So glad baby is doing ok. I have been following her progress and been praying for her.

  7. Cute pictures!
    You've got to trust me on this one. I've ONLY had cake once this year, and it was a CUPcake (think AA).
    I still need bigger pillows.
    It isn't the cake.

  8. Love some chubby pugs!!! And I think they do need a bigger pillow!

  9. Oh how great this is! Wonderful pictures of all the cuties. I think I had "Beauty and the Beast" memorized at one point in my life as well. I think the pugs just need a bigger pillow, you know how some things just make you "look" a little pudgy. Its the pillow, not them. Ann

  10. That's what I need, a bigger pillow... After school ice cream celebrations , my brother's engagement party last night and buttery brunch today I am bustin' out everywhere. ug ly Thrilled to see and hear how well all your grands are. Go Ollie!!!


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