Monday, June 27, 2011


I conducted an interview earlier this year with a known celebrity here
As of late, there have been rampant rumors regarding Reta.
I met up with her this week to get her perspective on the issues at hand.
She arrived with a posse and was looking as beautiful as ever with no make-up and her hair natural and un-styled.

Good Morning Reta. Thank you for coming.
I see Stella accompanied you here today.

How do you respond to the rumors that you two are estranged?

Pictures have been published of you two looking very much a non-couple. Are these pictures accurate?

Is it a fact that Stella is suffering from depression?

Would you like to reassure Stella that the rumors of a relationship with someone else are unfounded and totally untrue?

It appears you two have some issues. There are allegations you are seeing someone else. Is this third party the male that was in your posse today?

If you don't want to explain these accusations then what do you have to say about this photo?

My assistant tells me she distinctly heard him whispering to you.
She says he called you "My Lovely Lady Lumps".
How can you explain that?

After his encounter with you, I think the reaction of your friend Harley, speaks volumes.

How do you explain that photo?
Do you have any justification for his actions? 

By your evasive response, I fear you leave our readers with
even more questions about your relationship's status with Stella.
I thank you for your time.
I bid you farewell.


  1. ok - really? And I wonder why I adore you? ha! You are flat out crazy!! And I love it! Aaron keeps asking when you are arriving - apparently he can't wait to be adored....xoxo

  2. OMGosh funny! Great pictures, they really match up with your story!! Thanks for brightening my day!!!


  3. Come on Reta spill - what did that big hunk o'lab, Harley, REALLY whisper in your ear? My black and white gals here are quite jealous! You and Stella are inscrutible! And gorgeous. Ann

  4. Very cute! I had a springer spaniel named Harley, and today would have been his 10th birthday. Sadly, he had to be put down because of a brain tumor nine months ago. A rough (ruff?), rough day, let me tell you.

  5. I love Stellas little grey whiskers.
    I have to say, the first picture I ever saw of Reta, I too thought "Lovely Lady Lumps". She is obviously the siren of the neighborhood.

  6. Who needs soaps?! I'll be tuning in for the doggie deTAILS! bahahs

  7. I heart your girls!!! They have to be some of my favorite pugs that we keep, although Ginger is in the top 3 also!!! Keep those cute smoooosh faces coming!


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