Friday, June 24, 2011

Standing on His promises

Yesterday Caroline and I visited my folks.
 Linda and her grandson, Jonah were there.
Her husband David mowed the yard.
We went to lunch and we tried to give Mom
a much-needed boost.
Dad is failing.
The effects of Alzheimer's is ever present. 
He knows us, mostly.
But it is starting to get harder.
It is in my Mom's face.
The weariness, the sadness, the worry
it is all there.
As his main care-giver
she has a heavy load.
He is 92. She is 87.
They have had a long happy, full life.
We are blessed.
Hard decisions are in our future.
Although it is a tough path we are all taking
 we are taking it together.
We have much to be grateful for and 
we are keeping our our eye on His promises.
We will be restored and healed
when we all walk through Heaven's doors.
Once again, Dad will have his old sparkle back.
His witty teasing will be in tip-top form again.
We will rejoice and sing.
Oh Happy Day.
Until then,
we wait, we watch, we pray and we trust.
Keep us all in your prayers.
We know he hears our cries.
We have seen what He can do.


  1. Praying for you. You might be just a step ahead of us in our journey with my mother. It is my father who is her caregiver. Waiting, watching, praying, and trusting with you--just as He has told us to do!

  2. He is able....there is nothing to hard for God....his mercy is everlasting...blessings

  3. Oh sweetie... this is so hard. My mother (81) has early dementia, that is not so early anymore and it is so hard to see. I will add your precious momma and daddy to my Rosary intentions.



  4. I know first hand what Alzheimers and dementia does to a family, we are facing some of the same decisions right now.


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