Saturday, June 25, 2011

chillin' with the chillens

Fridays in the hood means
more Caroline time.
I usually hang with the other 3 too.
There was a tea party.
There was some Squinky and some Pet Shop play.
We had a picnic.
We hung out on their porch.

We did a Care Bear movie and 
all 3 bigs crashed.
I got to rock Miss O. to sleep.
She is doing super.

Her "medal of strength" is healing nicely.

Little girl is finally getting her chub on.

This girl has had her chub on for a while.

 Baby got back.
She gets it honest  :)


  1. Absolutely heart-singing adorable. Grandkids are the reward for motherhood...there is nothing that compares. And yours are perfectly perfect.

    Have a beautiful weekend. I am loving seeing beautiful Miss O doing so wonderfully. Hugs. :)

  2. These photos are great, Janie!! Wish I was there snuggling those sweeties. Is that too stalkerish to say out loud?

  3. awww poor baby...look at that scar! love the one on the porch swing. reminds me of home:)

  4. Sweet! Sounds like such a great way to spend a day.

  5. Looks like a fine time to me and Miss O's medal of strength is looking good! Heart must be pumping very well to heal so nicely. They are all blessings. Ann


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