Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Good Man

I believe with all my heart that my husband
was meant to be mine.
I believe that our life reflects God's love every day.
He is who God intended for me.
Stuart is kind, generous, loving,
really funny and cute as heck.
He puts me second, right after God. 
He tell our kids
I love your mom more than you.
He thinks it fun to tease them
but he means it too.
He likes to get them in an uproar.
Stuart is a man of integrity.
He has a high standard of honesty.
His decency and honor is never breached.
When he says something he means it.
He calls a spade a spade.
Or as he puts it...
that's how the hog ate the cabbage.
You know where he stands.
He won't talk out both sides of his mouth,
no matter how unpopular that attitude
sometimes makes him.
His word is his word, 
even if it can cause him ( or me) discomfort.
He walks in truth.
His honesty is dependable,
even if it means walking away from a relationship.
If that person is dishonest, or wrong-doing,
he will take a stand.
Sibling or best friend it doesn't matter,
wrong -doing is wrong-doing.
Untruth is untruth.
The cost is sometimes high. 
You are the ones who justify yourselves in the eyes of men,
but God knows your heart.
What is highly regarded among men
is detestable in God's sight.
Luke 16:15
The bible tells us
"The righteous man walks in integrity;
his children are blessed after him."
Proverbs 20:7 

Stuart has been that example to our girls
and now that they are grown, they recognize it.
His sons-in-law come for advice.
He is a man who has nieces and nephews 
call his opinions.
They call him on Father's Day.
It isn't because 
they don't have dads that they love and respect,
it is because they love and respect their uncle too.
They trust his wisdom. 
He tells them the truth and what is right.
I am blessed by his strength.
I pray for him because I know that his right choice
doesn't always get a positive reaction.
He chooses to be this kind of man.
I am thankful for this kind of man
to be my husband.
He makes me a better person.
I have a hard time some of the time
telling the hard facts
to someone who doesn't want to hear it.
But sugar coating something that is wrong
is not what God wants me to do.
I am called to stand by my morals
and have the strength to live the truth
even when it makes me (and others) uncomfortable.
I have come a long way.
Prayer helps me fight Satan's traps
that keep me from sharing my principles.

Pray for us. We are sure that we have a clear conscience
and desire to live honorably in every way.  
I particularly urge you to pray
so that I may be restored to you soon.
Hebrew 13:18,19

Today is Stuart's birthday.
I thank God for him with all my soul
and I love him with all my heart.
If you see him out and about 
give him a big ol' holler.
He's one of the good ones. 
But, don't tell him I said he is funny.
I finally have him convinced I am the funny one ;)


  1. I second all of that! Happy Birthday Stu! Love you!

  2. Happy birthday to your Stuart. May his tribe increase.

  3. Mom, he is just letting you think you are the funny one! He is the best Dad!

  4. Well happy birthday to your honey. sounds like a match made in heaven:)

  5. Happy Birthday to your hubby...may his day be awesome!! Great post also!!


  6. Happy Birthday to your wonderful Stuart! Your words could be mine and I too am grateful to have the husband I have - I am lucky (and the funny one too). I hope you have a wonderful birthday with your family Stuart - they are a wonderful reflection of the man that you are. Ann

  7. Happy Birthday, Stuart! You surely are a blessed man to have a wife who says so many nice things about you and loves you so.

  8. What a lovely, sweet tribute to him. Happy Birthday to Stuart!

  9. Happy Birthday to a really great guy! :)

  10. Happy birthday to your hubby! He sounds like the type of man who is hard to find these days!

  11. Awww! Happy Birthday Stuart. I love the line about the hog + the cabbage. An instant classic!

  12. Big Love to my cousin....and you too, Sister. :)

    I am thinking of you...


  13. What a sweet post and a definite keeper! Every woman needs a special guy like him in their life!

    Happy Birthday to your soulmate!


  14. Hope it's a wonderful year ahead! The world needs more Stuarts. Thanks for sharing your special blessing! (And if he's funnier than you HE needs to blog too!)


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