Wednesday, July 6, 2011

What goes around comes around.

 I have told you all before 
that Jackie has a couple of
nicknames for me.
It is either Idiot or Dumb a$$.
I know, nice huh?
However, I answer to both.
Friday night she spent the night with us.
We had to be up early for the auction
and Friday night she, my SIL Jamie, and I 
went to see a movie.
Sat. morning we got up early to shower 
and drink some coffee before traveling to the sale.
We have a full bath downstairs,
 a guest bath with just a claw foot tub,
and our master bath with shower.
Most of the time Stuart uses the shower
in the downstairs bathroom.
It is right off the laundry room and 
that works out great for a dirty farmer.
Jackie opted to use my shower Sat. morning.
She said on the way to the auction
"Man, your hot water is really hot"
I said "yeah it really is in the winter
when the wood boiler is going"
thinking nothing of her comment.
Then she said" I was so hot I had to lay
in front of the fan after I got out"
 I said "did you turn up the cold enough"
She said "I kept turning the knob
but it never got cool."
I said "well, there are two knobs."
She didn't see the 2nd knob
b/c I had a a soap thingie 
hanging by a cord around the knob to dry.
And that knob kind of sits by a shelfy thing.
Seriously though,
you can totally see the knob.
I said "didn't you think it was weird 
the knob wasn't centered?
She "yeah, but I never looked for another knob."
I am sure she was scalded.
No wonder she was panting like a dog
in front of the fan.


  1. OK. Break it up, you two!

    (Next time she comes you should make waterproof signs pointing to the cold & hot water knobs, drain, shower thingie, etc.)

  2. tehehehe! BTW love the new header on your blog!

  3. Priceless! Love your new header:)

  4. Love it, ain't Karma a bitch?

    Hey I accidentally deleted your comment the other day. Not because of you but because I am an idiot as well!


  5. in her defense...i have done the same thing in your shower :)

  6. OMG!! We've had a terrible day and are in tears laughing at this!! Thanks so much for the much needed laugh!


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