Wednesday, July 6, 2011


 Last week I did a post of Jackie and I with our terrible haircuts.
 Two readers said I looked like Natalie Wood. 

Buttonchief7 said...
It's uncanny how much you both remind me of beautiful Natalie Wood. Three pretty little girls. 
Maureen said: Janie,
Those are too cute! I can't believe how much you look like the young Natalie Wood except for the shorter bangs!
 Aww well, that is so obvious.
Then Abbie said she looks like me. 
Many of you said so too.
Apparently when it is time for school pictures
and a haircut is needed but 
no scissors can be found,
we beat our hair off with a stick.
Truth be told,
Maggie didn't fare any better.
I accused my mom of always giving us Toni home perms
so when Annie cut her hair at 3, I did the same.
Children learn what they live.
I cannot be blamed.
And because I have a smidgen of vanity left
just waiting to be shot...
  One of those was a re-take. 
Unfortunately, I am not sure which was which.
And last but not least
adulthood hasn't always been any kinder.
Daddy sang bass, momma sang tenor. 
Don't hate me because I am beautiful.


  1. You last line made me laugh out loud.

    I think your pics ---- every one of 'em--- are adorable. Just like you still are today.

    And oh lordy...I would never, ever post that type of pics of are far braver than I Miss Janie Fox. Seriously, what WAS it with our hair in the 60's?

    Happy THURSHDAY. :)

  2. Not only was the Toni Home Perm popular, but my Cousin appears to have gone through an Amish phase, complete with beard and hand sewn appearing white shirt. OMG. Who knew.



    C. A.

  3. After seeing "yours", I believe I'm just about ready to "come out" myself (if there are any pictures of me left...I destroyed any I could get my hands on during the Season of my Inseurities.)

  4. my favorite part of this is the last picture and dad's teen wolf hair. that, and the's still wearing the same watch. thank you $13 casio for your dedicated service.

  5. Those are great. You do look like Natalie Wood. Now I want to go digging for old family photos:)

  6. All I can say about that last pic is WOW. I love it so much.

  7. oh girl these just CRACK ME UP. you are a brave soul to pull out the grade school pics!

  8. Oh Janie, what a treat this post is! What is it with school picture hair? At the time it seems fine, but years later it's yikes! Thanks for a lot of smiles today. Ann (Like your new masthead!)

  9. Love these! Especially like the tri-level bangs in the first of the redshirt retake pictures. Srsly school photographers wouldn't care if you showed up with a wad of gum stuck on your head, just sit down, shut up and take the picture. lol

  10. LOL! Thank you for the chuckle. I love, love, love old pics! And, I cannot believe the resemblence between Annie and Miss Aubrie!

  11. I think you are all adorable, bad haircuts and all! :)

  12. OMG! I laughed at your pictures for a half hour. God do I remember those days too. My hair is naturally curly, but Mom decided I needed a perm. What was she thinking? I was the whitest member of the Sly and the Family Stone that ever lived! Thanks for the laughs girl. I needed them!

  13. I like how Abbie's school picture was in a large oversized tee shirt - so funny!

  14. i am laughing so hard i was scrolling through your pics my 7 year old , rayley beth, saw the pic of annie at 3 (with her toni perm) and said ....'whoa, that must be in the olden days! how old is that picture? is that little girl a granny now?! ' these kiddos keep us do your pics ;) and i cannot believe how much you and annie favor as your mini-me for sure !

  15. Just when I thought I couldn't love you any more. You. Are. Beautiful. Now you might want to go enter some of those here.... Funny stuff!

    Leslie, whose buck teeth were the star of my pics


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