Wednesday, July 13, 2011

more later

I am home.
 I am thrilled to be with my sweetie
but I miss my friend.
I wish she loved down the road.
I had a wonderful visit.
It was like hanging with a relative.
Easy, no-fuss fun.
I didn't open my laptop 
and I feel like I have lost the blogger mojo.
Normally I can't wait to get
my blather out,
but I feel incredibly ""story-less".
I have a busy morning
but I will get down to the fabulousness of her
hopefully later today.


  1. Wow, you either wore yourself out talking with the Coop Keeper or she has rendered you speechless....LOL! Either way, I'm sure it will come out soon:)


  2. What to build up suspense! C'mon, spill it sister!!

  3. ollie wants to see you! She has some new impressive tricks!

  4. Now, the last thing we need is for you to be losing your Mojo. Are you going to start threatening to quit every-other-week, like she does? ;)


    ps - Did I actually meet you? Or was I dreaming? Wait, did I really take you to look at houses with me? I'm so weird.


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