Friday, July 15, 2011

Falsely Accused

Yesterday Maggie and I were sitting 
in the family room
while Aubrie played Little Pet Shop.
Trudie Dog apparently had one of the accessories
in her mouth.
Aubrie says "Trudie, What the he**?"
We were both shocked.
I told her "hey that is a bad word "
and she said "what did I say?"
Long story short...
the girls say it came from me.
That I have taught her this offensive word.
Me, who has been outta town.
Me, who makes a point not to say bad words.
Me, the grandma who does not take them
twice a week to the pool.
(insert the name Ruby here)
Me, the grandma who earlier in the day
said "Everett what in the hell are you doing?"
(insert dish soap in the mouth here)
God save the Queen.


  1. picture my head hanging in shame usually I say what in the world but I had been off duty for awhile and was apparently stressed. At least I don't say shi* like RuRu. hehe

  2. It happens Janie! I'm sure it won't be your last time...or even!!


  3. ROFLMAO! Sorry you got busted. I try VERY hard to not say naughty sailor words to my children (although there are times they get said in FRONT of them!) but last week was a bad one for me in that way. That stop sign that says don't say THAT was apparently out of commission and my sailor mouth was going in all of its naughty glory. lol My mom laughed her head off at me during a phone conversation last week. It went a little like this:
    (Ayden, the 6 year old failed to flush the toilet after dropping a load)
    Me: Ayden, did you forget to do something in the bathroom earlier?
    Ayden: I don't think so.
    Me: I'm pretty sure that you left something floating...
    Ayden: *puzzled look*
    Me: You HAVE to flush the toilet when you're done. No one wants to see that.
    Ayden: *eyes roll*
    Me: Ayden James, we are not animals who just leave our sh*t laying around.

    My mom almost wet herself laughing. And of course, I had a moment of guilt until I realized exactly how freakin funny it was too! :)
    Poop happens. Just make sure you flush. ;)

  4. I'm sure they will give you another chance!

  5. Janie, thanks for stopping by, I haven't been able to figure out how to recieve reply. Just not sure what to do.

  6. So, what's the big #!*% deal?! This made me laugh so hard. Ann

  7. Looks like Jayme needs to spank YOU! Ah ha ha ha ha ha! I loved this. Wildness is in the air today.

  8. Well, if the Grandma is responsible for teaching the grandkids bad words, I'm SCARED to think what my granchildren are going to say! :O YIKES!

    Yours in pottymouthness.....


  9. Just when I thought I couldn't love you more. Let's start smoking next.

  10. LOL...just as I would suspect from the Queen of "Merry Effing Christmas"! ;)

    You are a mess.

    Susan from GA


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