Tuesday, July 19, 2011

No worries

My kids are grown.
I had mine close together.
I stayed home with them and
was blessed to be able to do that.
 The years were sometimes messy
and now it seems as if they flew by.
As I read some blogs
I see a common thread...
mothers questioning
their decisions.
Mothers hoping they are 
doing the "mom thing" right.
Despite my efforts,
my girls are well adjusted,
smart, successful, 
Christian women.
All are married and 
now two are great mothers. 
I jest obviously. 
I had my shining moments
but I also made  mistakes.
Truly though,
life is a blur.
Do what you can
and don't beat yourself up.
When you are questioning
your parenting skills
refer to this picture
of Annie's first day of kindergarten.
She went half days, only in the afternoon.
Pay close attention to Abbie on the side of the picture.

filthy shirt,√
unkempt hair,√
no pants,√
Real nice.
God only knows where baby Maggie was.


  1. THAT is a WONDERFUL picture! Wonderful!!!

  2. That is a truly fantastic picture and your words speaks volumes. I love this whole post , good job Momma!

  3. It's fun to look back at old pics of when we had littles! Looking foward to having our first grandaughter in a few weeks. Going to enjoy it so much, no pressure this time around, it's all up to our son now! :)

  4. I'd also like to point out the mega weed to the left of the steps. Now I no longer will fee guilty about the weeds in my flower beds!

  5. LOLOL...honestly, I laughed right out loud at this one...such truth in this post, apparently yours as well as mine. Good heavens, the good old days. And for me Janie, they really were the good old days. I just didn't know it then. LOL


  6. It's amazing how fast that time does go by, but when you're in it, all you can think of is that it's never going to end.

    Nobody ever tells you how hard it is when they do all grow up.

    You're an AWESOME Mom! :)

  7. So true for me, too. "Shining moments, mistakes, blur". I'll have to go through my pictures to document it all (if I can find them).

  8. :) hahaha Well at least Annie looks fabulous. She was the one going out in public! ;)

  9. Thank you! This was just what I needed to make me smile. :-)

  10. This gave me a chuckle...how well I relate! Nicely said and great picture! :-)

  11. Let's face it DCFS was a bit lax in those days....fortunately for us! We never have lived down the "cushions off the couches and kids running wild" story from our men!
    Love you bestie!

  12. (Laughing) I'm sure every mother can relate! I have some photos of my 2 boys and I wonder who dressed them!?

  13. if big heads didn't get stuck at the neck hole i'm sure i'd have taken my shirt off too. you know how i liked to roll Mom. Hips and nips out there all day long!

  14. A wonderful photo! It is a slice of life ALL Mom's can relate too. ;-)

  15. Holy Cow, that is the best thing I have seen in awhile! I need to dig up some of my old shots to show what a "terrific" mom I was - stay at home and everything. Janie, you are the best! Ann P.S. I once sent my son to Preschool in his underwear because he refused to get dressed. True confession!

  16. That is a hoot! Being a Mommy is the hardest thing I have ever done, but also the most important and most fun. Thanks for the encouraging words.

  17. Thanks Janie! Sometimes I need these reminders.

  18. Too funny and so true. Sometimes you feel like you just get a lucky break when things go right in child rearing. Enjoy your down to earth words and honesty. Stop in for a peek at mine sometimes!

  19. So...I was listening to your "crush" song video above...and I ran my little mousie down your page, and I saw this pic once again...

    and I couldn't help it, Janie, I burst out laughing again. This is both precious and priceless.

    Hugs. :)

    Oh, and I like your new fav song, too.


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