Monday, July 18, 2011

Annie's necklace project

Take a moment to check out Annie's blog.
She created a necklace for the IDSC 
(International Down Syndrome Coalition for Life.) 
It's a necklace to help raise awareness.  
As it turns out, 90% of babies diagnosed with DS prenatally 
are terminated. 
 IDSC has a mission. 
 They want people to know that ALL life is precious. 
 It is also a support system 
for those that chose to end their pregnancy, 
to educate and heal,
 not condemn.
  Down Syndrome is just a diagnosis, 
it does not define the person.
We want to change steroetypes
about children with DS and their abilities.
We expect great things from our Ollie.

We are not setting any limitations.
Her life will have joy and purpose.
She is as worthy of life as anyone else.
She is different but by no means less.
She is going to shoot for the moon
and even if she lands in the stars instead,
it will be a life we celebrate.
She is a gift who just happens to have DS.
I am so proud of her and her mama.


  1. What more could anyone ask for their child, joy and purpose, heres to you Ollie, a full, wonderful life,

  2. Yay, Ollie! And of course you are proud of your daughter.

  3. Oh my gosh...look at that grin!! She is just so darn cute!! I saw that necklace last night on her blog, very beautiful!!


  4. I love Ollie!!!! And I must tell you Miss Janie. You obviously did a FANTASTIC job raising your kiddies because Annie is absolutely a wonder! I don't know what in the world I would have done without her the last week. :) I swear I am going to come over and hug her in person one of these days. And when I do, I guess I will maybe get a chance to hug you too! :)

  5. Everything you say is absolutely true Janie! Ollie and others with DS can strive for greatness just as anyone else can. In fact I am willing to bet that Ollie will surpass a lot of her peers in many ways. Sometimes life's obstacles make us work harder and therefore make us stronger and more able to deal with adversity which everyone experiences in their life. Necklace ordered! Ann

  6. Gorgeous Ms. J.

    Hugs to Ollie, this post is true, beautiful and wonderful.

  7. Ollie is a gift. So are you. I'm so glad God saw it right and fit for me to have the pleasure to be on the receiving end. xo

  8. Bravo to Annie! I am proud of her vicariously through you. Ollie is too.stinking.cute.for.words. I want her hair style, her clothes, and to eat her cheeks. Yummy.

    ps. quit showing off your skinny arm in your profile pic you brazen hussy.

  9. Ollie is a doll precious! That would be why I didn't have an amnio with my wouldn't have changed how I felt about them nor would I have done anything differently had they had DS. What a sweet blessing you have there!

  10. Me thinks Annie had a pretty good role model. Blesings!

  11. Look at that smile! My friend's third son has DS and Mackenzie has brought so much joy to that family's life. He turned 14 this summer, loves to read Archie comic books and is off to summer camp this week, we have all learned so much from him. Enjoy your beautiful little grand daughter.

  12. Those stats break my heart. Ollie is so squeezy!

  13. What joy she brings, what an awesome life she'll have ... How could she not with her amazing family leading the way!


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