Monday, July 25, 2011


We have uninvited visitors.
Unwanted critters in the barn.
Stinking sex-crazed fleas.
They are reproducing at an alarming rate.
I should buy stock in flea bombs.
They are in the woodworking room
in the room 
where Brenda Dog and Harley Dog sleep.
Stuart bombed twice to no avail.
Today I checked it out.
I was attacked.
I rushed outside.
They were thick on my legs.
I knocked them off and
and whipped off my shirt
so they wouldn't get in my hair.

Jackie was with me.
She took off her pants.

We live in a rural area, thank you Jesus.
I think the problem is
Stuart didn't get rid of the carpets in their kennels...
and there was piece of carpet left from 
one of the rental homes
under the big table.
They were thick in it.
I burned the rugs.
I treated the dogs again.
I hope this works or you may see dogs
looking like this very soon.

And an apology to the neighbors 
who may or may not have been passing by,
sorry about the old half-naked women in the barn lot.


  1. they are in the red barn a mysterious black cat was in there on sunday so maybe the fleas are from stranger cat

  2. Ugh! I hate fleas. I hope you get rid of them with little trouble!

  3. Fleas are not a laughing matter, but you crack me up!

  4. Hmmmmm...obviously a sign of utter filth! OH PLEASE...quit acting like it's unusual for you and Jackie to walk around the yard in various stages of undress...sounds like your college days to me.....

  5. Umm, not one of your most uplifting posts... Naked women I can handle, naked dogs not so much. Fleas not a t all. Hate 'em. Feel your pain. Thanks for the sweet baby gams to refresh my eyes! ;-)

  6. Would love to know how many of your blog friends were itching while reading this post!!

    Hope the fleas pack up and leave soon!

  7. Oh a flea infestation is no fun. My dad used to put Borax on the areas where the problem was - of course you have to keep the pets away - and kids! It always worked! Now I'm off to shower and get rid of this itchy feeling I suddenly have. Ann

  8. oh no. when i was growing up we had them really bad one year. i remember putting on panty hose and they got under my hose. YUCK! we just had the exterminator come. we have spiders and...gasp....flying roaches! i saw one as big as my head on our front porch. why didn't they tell us about that BEFORE we moved!!!!


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