Thursday, July 21, 2011

good golly

Monday, my sister Judy and I had to go to do
some banking business for our folks.
We met up with the other sisters,
Jackie, Linda and her husband, one of her daughters,
her grandson and Mom and Dad.
We all had lunch and a visit.
Judy and I drove back home
and did the sister gab the whole way.
She mentioned she wanted to re-cover her
sofa in her travel trailer...yada yada yada.
More on that later.
Tuesday, the sisters and I had a shopping trip
to St. Louis.
Judy and I live in the same town.
We were to meet up with them 
and go from a central location.
Judy and I had about a forty minute drive
before we met them so, as we are on our way
we did the sister yakking thing.
Again the subject of her couch came up.
She mentioned that she had to match it's fabric
with the window treatments in the trailer.
She didn't want to invest in changing them
and they were in good shape.
I say" well when we go to St. Louis 
bring one of the pillows off the couch
because there will be a Hancock Fabrics close by."
She said, "Janie, that is today."
What the hello kitty.
We are driving there and I say "when we go"... sheesh.
I need a nap. a pill. a keeper.
A lobotomy, please.


  1. You just have to wonder sometimes...I know I worry about myself and my ways all the time..gotta laugh about it or you will go crazy!

  2. Didn't I hit the "post comment" button?

    (I meant to say, "Hello, Kitty!")

  3. :) You always make me smile, Janie!!

  4. Menopause ain't for cissies! I look forward to your posts (maybe more than any others) because I can so relate! Thanks for making me smile and thanks for reminding me that I'm not alone in this middle age adventure!

  5. What I know for sure ? That each time I click on this blog I'll leave with a smile !


  6. Okay, my new catch phrase....what the hello kitty!


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