Sunday, July 24, 2011

Cake Schmake

The story of my life...
trying to lose some poundage.
I am the queen of yo-yo dieting.
I have a problem with sugar.
I don't sleep through the night
and the fact is eating sugar makes it worse.
If I lay off it, I sleep through the night most of the time.
Sugar is so addictive for me.
I am insulin resistant from what I experience when I eat it.
Insulin is a hormone and
at this stage of life I have hormones
in the throes of dying.
Heck, they are really dead and just decomposing at this stage.
I have read the books.
I know the facts.
I know the plan that works for me, when I do it.
Last week, I started reading 
Made to Crave 
and it is really good.
My blogger friend, Courtney 
recommended  it and it is just what I needed.
I think it is awesome
but I am realistic enough to know I will struggle some.
But I refuse to give up.
So I have left sugar behind.
 I am going to sleep better.
I am going to crave a closer walk with God,
and not unduly give cake importance.
Doing bible study,
being close to God daily, changes my life...
any weight loss that comes with it
will be serendipitous.
Now some fat 
that we all are okay with.

Now that is cute.


  1. Oh goodness Bean's legs are getting longer and skinnier as Ollie O's get fatter and rollier!

  2. I know for me the more I eat sugar the more I crave it...don't bring the enemy home is the best advice I can give. It would be worth it to sleep through the night...

  3. awww, Janie thanks for the shout out...and I'm still reading and still loving this book too!!! It's so good. I feel like I've studied this topic to death, yet I'm still getting stuff out of it!

    :) So glad you are liking it!

  4. Paying for you...from one sugar junkie to another.

  5. I just bought that book for my Kindle. I am eight there with you on the sugar. The more of it I eat, the more I crave. I am about to do a massive clean out of my kitchen and get rid of all of that kind of stuff.

  6. I don't mind looking at those legs! I've been one of those yo yo dieters myself. I started weight Watchers in April and have lost 43lbs so far. It's really a fabulous un-diet if you ask me. Good luck with your journey. You'll figure out what works for you!


  7. Good luck Janie - I've been cutting out sugar and carbs (which turn into sugar) I slip now and then, but am feeling the difference. Ann

  8. Hi Darlin. I've been wanting that book for sometime. I have new insights I need to share on this journey that we are one. I'm seriously saying the serenity prayer everyday. I feel like an addict, and I just can't have that stuff, and I need to ACCEPT it, and be ok - one day at a time sweet Jesus!

  9. Aww, but YOU are CUTE! I have the same issues and will look up the book -thanks!

  10. We're in this journey together I think! I just began reading (again) and following the principles in "The Schwarzbein Principles" and find it makes an enourmous difference in how I feel "at my age"... The author is an endocrinologist and has a lot to offer.... yes, sugar, and other stuff, produces a lot of cravings .... LOVE your pictures... precious!!


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