Monday, August 8, 2011

Pass me a brownie

Summer means family reunion time.

For us the third Sunday in August
is the Adkins Family reunion.
It is the closest Sunday to
my deceased paternal grandma's birthday. 
My dad is one of 14 children.
He is number four.
Number 2 and 3 are now deceased.
They were elderly when they died.
My uncle was into his nineties 
and my aunt, her eighties.
Aunt Viola, the oldest is living.
I am not sure of her age.
(I am not always sure of my own so cut me some slack)
My dad is 92.
He is the one in the red shirt.
Aunt Betty( in the other red shirt) is the baby of the bunch.
Grandma was 47 when she gave birth to her.

 Uncle Roy is missing in this picture.
 I am not sure if he was there and we missed him 
or if he was absent.
I love this next picture!

This is a picture of all of them
several years ago.
Uncle Chez and Aunt Lily 
(he is in the front with the white shirt and 
she is in the purple stripe shirt are deceased)
My dad is in the pink and white stripe shirt.

I have oodles of first cousins.
Seven are the same age as Jackie and I.
The reunion was always a blast growing up.
We have so many kids of cousins
and grand kids of cousins now,
that I don't know them all.
Here are 3 of my faves.
 Danny, Cathy, and Roger.
All my age.
We had some fun times.
Next, an old photo of many of the cousins.
I think there are 57 of us.
This is from 1974.
I am the one in the 2nd row with the sweet barrettes.

It is a huge passel of people.
Stuart likes to give me lip about the reunion.
Stuart claims he was poisoned there.
One year he ate at the reunion
then came home and gorged popcorn...
he conveniently leaves that part of the story out.
He was sick all through the night.
He maintains he vomited his gallbladder that night.
Another year there was a lady 
from another family's reunion
 right next to our family's reunion.
(we shared a pavilion)
She dumped a pan of brownies,
 put them back in the pan
and then returned them to the table.
Now he mixes the stories, 
declares the brownie incident was at our reunion,
and blames the Adkins family for 
his gastric distress.
  He upholds that these events resulted
in his self-induced cholecystectomy.
Good grief. 
This year for fun,
please dear
  family members, 
someone bring brownies. 
And popcorn.


  1. Wow! Big family! Your dad looks wonderful for 92!

    Reunions are great! Your family looks like good people. The salt of the earth!

  2. oh my goodness, that first picture was so funny! I love the suspender picture too, what a bunch of cute "Olds".

  3. So many stories to be told from family reunions. I feel sad for people who never got to go to one, or who don't get that the quirkiness is just part of the joy.

  4. Wow!~ It is so AWESOME that you guys do this!! I love the photos! What great memories.

    My grandmother's family was close, but now everyone has moved to North & South Carolina, Georgia and we don't get togehter. But when i was a kid there were some really fun reunions. I wish my kids had that!

    Your husband is too funny!

  5. I am cracking up! HAAAAA-larry-eeee-ussss!

  6. Oh my goodness, your family looks like MY family... esp. that one from the rear! We get together in September and when Daddy was still living, he'd bring his own FORK...didn't like the plastic ones. There is so much food and we are pigs so I imagine there have been lots of times some of us ate too much. LOL, great post!

  7. I love this!! How awesome to have everyone together like that...the stories you get! :)

  8. Wow. How blessed you are to have a family that big! It's like you can just sort of dive into your family and get lost for days. I'll bet a day feels like fifteen minutes because that's about all you get to spend with each precious one, and then at the end you're like: hey! wait a minute! where was Uncle Roy? Your grandma having a baby at 47 inspires me, b/c I'm 37, and I really think I want one more. Also, this resounded w/ me: "We have so many kids of cousins and grand kids of cousins now,
    that I don't know them all." Isn't it weird to be the kid and then find that you've slipped into a different generation and don't know all the kids? Soooo weird for me, at least!

  9. What a wonderfully large family!!! I come from a small family who never had reunions or extended family traditions. I think it would be worth the gastrointestinal risk to go! I will be looking for your post about this year's - get that camera back please. Ann (my feet are flyin' cuz the doc's on tonite!)

  10. Wowzers ! What an awesome family ! My mother was second to last of 9. Only she (81) and the youngest (my uncle who is 75) are left. Of all of those - my mother was the only one to have kids - my sister and I. So, I have NO cousins ! Looks like it must have been a blast growing up in such a large and tight knit family !


  11. My grandpa wore those same suspenders!! ♥ that picture. Have fun at your reunion, and no brownies for Mr. Fox.

  12. wow..I have thought I had the most first cousins..121 on my mom's side and 109 on my dad's...we were / are brownies for you, my friend!


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