Sunday, August 7, 2011

Bullet points continued

Yesterday Jackie and I took Aubrie and Everett
to the movie to see the new Smurfs adventure.
  • A child's ticket is the same price as an adult's ticket. What the smurf?
  • A large popcorn and 2 sodas cost $17.50. I think the popcorn has to pay the a/c costs. It probably takes a bundle to cool that place to 50 degrees.
  • They had popcorn. I had a protein bar. Don't pity was smurfalicious.
  • During the show, Everett had to go the the bathroom 3x ...for Smurf's sake.
  • When they called Gargamel, Garbage Smell, I laughed out loud.
  • I still wonder why it isn't Smurves instead of Smurfs. ie. wolves, hooves, calves, halves. But then you have poofs, sniffs, turfs, and cliffs.
  • Maybe I should push 2 for espanol next time I call customer service. Spanish may be easier to conjugate. 
  • Caroline is  a big enough Smurf to spend the night too.
  • Blueberry waffles become Smurfberry waffles when you are cool.
  • Spending time on the computer when you should be getting three smurfs ready for church isn't smart.
  • Peace out.


  1. Great Smurf! What a smurfy post.

    My 9 year old is smurfing to see this movie!

    It is raining here today, so maybe we will take the girls to see is better than my plan to hips don't need any more sugar. i like the idea of a smurfy chocolate protein bar in the movies, maybe I need to smurf that idea!

  2. You have a smurfalicious way with words! :-) Funny post :-)

  3. Oh Smurf, we shoulda seen that and not Pooh! Pooh was smurfin' s l o w for my taste... And I'm with ya on ticket n treat costs for the ac! Of course I snuck in Dollar Store candy. I'm one cheap smurf. Happy you're gettin' to the church on time.
    ps- no need to lure Nick... He's all boy and will run all the way for ravishing Reta - specially as they seem to be on the same diet plan. But their own tent or love shack would be appreciated.

  4. I want to see that movie - but I don't have any little kids to take me!
    How are you giving up sugar ? I can't imagine - we own a bakery after all. But I need to do something... i've gained so much weight since Monster got sick and I feel cruddy... but NO sugar ? I would slip into a coma, really, I would!

    You are the bestest gramma ever, those kids are blessed...
    Smurfin' love you !


  5. I loved Smurfette back in the day. I think it was the "ette."

  6. I would say that your day went smurfingly.

    Hope this week is as smurf-ful.

    Biggest hugs to the greatest grandma ever. :)

  7. Was your protein bar smurfalicious? I give you credit. I did the no sugar thing for six months but really didn't feel any different. Isn't that weird? I think the main thing was that you don't crave it though.

  8. Bullet point number one: what the smurf! is right.
    Number two: I always bring an extra large purse with me to the movies ;)
    Thanks for your kind words over at my place.

  9. So FUNNy! Seriously, what the smurf killed me.

  10. I bring my own kettle corn that way I know the points! I even sneak in my crystal light. I'm so not paying 4.50 for a water.

    The kiddos want to see it before school starts. And OMG my daughter just turned 7 and she still needs to pee a handful. Thank God she can just run out and back without me. Why should npboth of us miss the movie!



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