Thursday, July 28, 2011


Today, I was laughing at Abbie.
There are some words she cannot stand to hear.
Then I got to thinking of my own list.
toe jam.
hubby. (sorry to all you bloggers)
belly hole. (I gag a little.)
panties.( eww )
I hate a cardboard box 
being dragged across concrete.
I mean, shoot me now.
Certain fabrics that stick to dry fingers.
Someone leaves a restroom without
washing their hands.
Seeing someone working in a restaurant
rub their eye.
How about you...
what drives you crazy?


  1. After 25 years of day-care in our home it's sad and irritating to see kids ruling the roost. The parents want to be friends instead of the adults. The kids make all the choices instead of being guided by wiser heads. Makes it more of a challenge to teach them respect for others, sharing and good manners. But that's part of my calling.

  2. Nerf ball type foam, ugh!
    Listening to kids sniff up their boggers, I am so gagging!
    Socks dragging on a carpert, I don't know where that came from but it kills me.
    Watching anything slither, eek!

  3. Teeth on a popsicle stick! Touching microfiber-ick! People that let their dogs lick them on the mouth. Gross!!!!!! My dog licks his butt a lot!

  4. So funny -- the differences among us. For me -- succulent. ICKY. People that have to say IRR-regardless. Classic chalkboard noise. People that cannot refrain from burping (or worse) in public. I can hear any swear word (or say them, even) but if you use my fathers name, you had better be praying!

    When I was a kid, my dad told me a joke ---

    Do you know what you call toe jam in an elephants foot?


    So now, when I take off the socks of my grandsons...we say "ooh, slow natives!"

    Maybe a replacement word for you, too?

    Have a wonderful day, girly. :)

  5. Oh! Don't get me started! Poor grammar, lukewarm coffee, male-potency commercials, rudeness, bad tattoos,smoke in catch my drift?!?

  6. I am SHOCKED right now that Abbie doesn't like the word moist! My boys cannot ABIDE the word moist and I never heard of such a thing as not liking a word! I literally gag over nose pickers. Can't stand it!

  7. I hate mouth noises, people chomping on gum, smacking their lips, eating with their mouth open, mouth breathers, crunching chips....I sound ridiculous now...

  8. snotty noses wiped on sleeves.
    snotty noses in general. lol
    lip smacking (unless it's Liddy's!)
    burps and farts without excuse me's (hey I live with boys!)

  9. It's the smacking lips for me too and people who chew food open-mouthed. No words in particular. Don't like when I hold a door open for someone and they just breeze through without a thank you. Refreshing flip-side is when a younger person holds the door for me, I know there is hope for civility! Ann

  10. snot! we went to a pizza place one day and the guy taking our order had a runny nose and seriously it hung about a 1/2" out of his nose and then he took a BIG GIANT sniff and sniffed it back in...over and over as he took our order. i wanted to gag!!!

  11. it is true....what can i say... or not say.

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  13. hate when people clean their teeth in front of me.
    I get irritated when people chew loudly.
    People eating around me when I am dieting makes me nuts too.

    But I also block people on facebook who don't use any punctuation at all whatsoever.

    And I hate when people text other people while supposedly talking to you.

  14. I cannot abide the smell of casseroles wrapped in newspaper.

    This makes for good dieting at church suppers.

    Oh, and when REPORTS say "a whole nother". Diagram that! What is a "nother" I wonder?

    My daughter-in-law cannot stand the word moist either. Of course, this means that we all say it to her, a lot.

  15. Okay...admittedly, I am odd...People chomping ice near me makes me nuts! Seriously.

  16. Crocs (the footwear, not the animals...although they look rather unpleasant as well).

    People who let their cats on the table.

    Giant cups of sugary drinks sold at 7-elevens.

    People who brag on Facebook (if your status is not humorous, don't bother).

    Vomiting in movies (which happens a lot, take annoys me).

    People that put dogs in baby

  17. Soooo many (although I think I am a pretty tolerant person)....waiting in a dentist office and hearing (and smelling) the drill; people ending sentences with prepositions; "Ain't"; people that say so many "I's" in their conversation that you begin to notice it; people who don't really converse in a conversation but are thinking of their next comment while you are talking; people you have met fifty-eleven times and yet, again, they introduce themselves like you have never laid eyes on each other; limpy/wimpy handshakes; and I could go on and on....

    ....but generally I'm easy going HA

    Susan from GA

  18. Bird poop on my car door handle. Standing...waiting for the tank to fill on the toilet, so I can make another attempt to swirl away the streaks. I see a trend here. Hearing, "I'm done" out of my 6 year old daughter, while she is in the bathroom.


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