Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Dream a little dream

The sugar bust is still on 
and I am sleeping so good.
Most nights I slumber all through the night 
with just a bathroom visit.
It gives me so much more time for dreaming.
No longer 

Now I am on to more important things.
I am producing and starring
in a beach musical with

Can't you just imagine him on the sand
crooning with me?
Never mind the fact that I can't sing
or that he is deceased.


  1. OH! MY! GOSH! Dying laughing right now! Lady, you are a stitch!!

  2. Soooooooooo funny! But really, laying off the sugar has helped your sleepin'????

  3. WoW!!! I will be sure to consume lots of sugar tonight so I don't dream about those two! But seriously, I hope the musical is a hit! :-)

  4. I'm off the sugar too but still have the waking-up-all-night-long thing going on... Trying to figure it out. But your post gives me HOPE!! Glad you're getting in your zzzzz's.

  5. this will cound even more strange than your dream. he looks just like my honey's deceased grandma! how weird is that?

  6. hmmmm....stephen....walter...stephen...walter. Odd couple is all that comes to mind. You are crazy! (again, why I like you so much)

  7. Honey, you aren't dreaming. You are in rehearsals for our big duet! I just need to smoke about seven more cartons of cigarettes and my voice will be ready. I haven't gotten enough PHELGM worked up just yet. Have you been drinking the mandatory quart of whiskey everynight to prime your voice? That's why you are sleeping good silly.

  8. When's the premiere? And where? You are too funny... Ann


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