Friday, August 5, 2011


My camera is being repaired.
I was hoping to get a refund
since I got it in November.
Not the case.
However, I am thankful I get it repaired
at no cost.
I am vowing to read the manual 
when I get it back. 
I am not a photographer but
I would like clear pictures to go with 
my stories/adventures.
So for now...
you get blather and no pics.
You're cool with that.
I know you are.
So today,
some random facts.

  • Caroline calls my mom Mama Toots and my dad Mama Howard.
  • Reta is seriously losing weight. She eats diet dog food, table food, sleeps 22+hours a day, and she still eats sugar. I find this to be an injustice.
  • I am ready for my plants to die. I  planted too many pots just outside of the reach of my hose reels. I have a hate relationship with my hoses . I am tired of my bucket.
  • Remember the chair warfare between Linda and I. I got the chair. I was with Jackie when she bought it and truthfully, I probably had the intention of getting it someday. Don't tell her. I will take a pic when I get the infamous camera back.
  • I am so behind on So You Think You Can Dance that I have lost all interest. I am into Design Star, Guilianna and Bill, and Celebrity Rehab. I love Dr. Drew. Really love. And Michael Lohan. I know, right?
  • I am reading a book (Molokai') about lepers in Hawaii in the 1800's. I can't decide if it is good or bad. There is pus talk and that sways me towards bad. But I like the characters so that sways me back to good.
  • I watch Pawn Stars not because I like it but because Stuart likes it. Can you believe the old man is only 70? I figured he was at least 80. I think he is a real grouch and most of the banter between the cast is fake.
  • Most people think since I am a junker, I like American Pickers. But me, not so much.  Frank is a grouch. He ruins it for me. 
  • I don't like grouchy. Even Oscar the Grouch annoys me. Hmmm. Is that grouchy?
  • I really like using bullet points. I may blog like this forever.
  • This is the tip of the iceberg of what is in my head.
  • My camera may not be done for another week. Be afraid, be very afraid.


  1. My sons love "Pawn Stars". When we went to Las Vegas in April we had to go to the store and line up in this long line that stretched down the street just to get into the store. The store was really small and unimpressive and none of the owners that are on the show were there....but the boys didn't mind.

  2. saw the word "pus" and decided to remove that book from my "to read" list. I adore bullet points and I cannot abide Oscar the Grouch.

  3. Pic or no rock. :)

    Why do men like those stupid shows -- pawn stars and american pickers or whatever the h e double toothpick it is...

    Happy Friday buddy. Biggest hugs.

  4. Janie - I haven't had breakfast yet, and now I can't get the word pus out of my head - law. Frank is the skinny one or the chubby one? I have a serious crush on the skinny one - cause he's so excited about junk - I see that passion in his eyes and it sets me aflame- he can be a little grouchy at times, but that's just cause he needs to eat more. Really, it is. Please don't be hard on him. Now - if Frank is the chubby one - then please disregard this comment.

  5. WELL you know how IIII feel about American Pickers! I LOVE junk and I don't like them...I feel like they are trying to rip people off...especially the OLD people. Perhaps that is MY fear...they will come driving up the drive and talk me out of my junk...EEK! Can't wait to see you on Tuesday and bring me some of Reta's diet dog food...I would like to try it!

  6. You don't like American Pickers?!?! I love those guys! We just watched an episode last night where they went back and gave this guy $5,000 because they had no idea what it was worth when they bought it and thought it was only fair to share the profit with sweet. SEE don't you feel bad for not loving it now??? ;)

  7. My husband can watch American Pickers, Pawn Stars and Ricks Restorations all day (if it's a new episode) but heaven forbid that I turn on Antique Roadshow. OH NO! I am forbidden to watch when any one else is around. Its boring....*pffft* I find it VERY interesting. So I watch in the privacy of my bedroom. lol
    My husband also loves Through the Wormhole. Bores me to tears. But do I let him watch it? Yes. I do. Only because he loves it so much. Probably means I love him more than he loves me. hahaha

  8. Don't have cable here. Apparently there is no end to what I'm missing!

    You bullets are awesome.

    I identify with your readiness to ditch the potted plants.

    Your language & style are picturesque enough to get along without a camera.

    Why can't I use bullets in my comments???

  9. We watch Pawn Stars, American Pickers, Antique Roadshow too.. I thought for sure the old man on Pawn Stars was older than 70!

    You do such a really wonderful job on your blog, with or without a camera lady!! I always enjoy coming here!

    Have a great weekend Janie!


  10. I've loved Dr Drew since he used to do that Loveline show with Adam someboday. Me likies a man who goes early grey. This is my 1st season of Celeb Rehab and I'm completely into it. Alway thought Bai Ling was just crazy, but now, you know, I feel for her little crazy self. I'm also all over Design Star, Project Runway, and for my laughs, Fashion Police, with Joan Rivers, Guilianna and Kelly Osborn, so funny. I saw there is a new show on Lifetime called Picker Sisters, haven't seen it. Can't watch those Hoarders or Strange Addiction shows, but of course if I see one as I'm flipping, it's like stopping for a train wreck. Someone was just telling me about some weird show on Animal Planet with a bunch of hillbillies catching catfish with their hands. Seriously, I need to think of something that I could get paid for and do a reality show.

  11. I totally agree with you about pawn stars. I also think its fake, but my husband likes it, and American pickers.
    Have you tried jersey shore? Ha ha

  12. I'm addicted to Dr. Drew! I become calm just seeing his face. I too have fallen behind of SYTYCD, probably because I'm too busy watching Dr. Drew. I read a different book about lepers - it was a memoir. Set in the 1970s. People don't understand leprocy, that's what I got out of it. I hope your camera doesn't come back for awhile because I like your bullets and your extended blathering.... Ann

  13. I cannot believe the old man is only 70, I saw the Pickers show where the son was trying to buy the old man a car for his birthday and when he said 70th, I thought he was at least 80 too! I love Bill and Guiliana, always DVR it, love Design Star and I always watch Big Brother. It's mindless entertainment.

  14. lol. sorry to hear about the camera.

    i love that Caroline calls your father Mama Howard! Shows you have a fun family!

  15. Much of this is funny, but the first thing (your dad's being called Mama Howard) was funniest, to me. How does he feel about that? There's this movie called _Elmo in Grouchland_ (My older daughter loves Elmo!), and when I watched it, I decided I should live in Grouchland. Not because of grouchiness (I'm not particularly grouchy...esp. after I wake up!), but because I love the colors there. Also because I'm a disorganized mess.

  16. Just came over from Tales from the CoopKeeper and I am loving your bullet points! I'm gonna steal this idea and run with it... how great is that to put together the disjointed things that rattle around in my old head! Come over to Granny Mountain for a visit...


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