Thursday, August 11, 2011

Hunger pangs to the rescue.

The grand kids were here today.
Caroline as usual,
but Aubrie and Everett were too.
Ollie goes where the breast milk goes.
She will not take a bottle.
Annie was visiting her old work buddies.
Well they are not old, 
but she doesn't work there anymore.
You follow that, right?
It was great weather so the kids finally 
got to play out in the play house.
The kids have a pool at their house.
They have spent these scorching hot weeks in it.
I have swam with them.
Because of the weather
when they were here
we did inside stuff
like playing Little Pet Shop and art.
When my kids were growing up we had a pool.
I am so thankful we did. 
They swam all day long.
Our hometown has a big lake.
A beautiful, nice lake.
Lots of visitors come each summer to boat, camp, and fish.
Annie even worked at the marina.
But, we never went to the lake.
My kids like the lake and the river.
 I do not.
I never go to the beach or on the lake.
I am not a lake girl.
I want to see the bottom of where I am immersed.
But mainly, I despise sand.
I love to walk along the beach on a vacation.
However, you will not find me laying on it.
I will be by a pool.
Sand on my towel. Oh yuk.
In my car ...ick, I really dislike that. 
And have you noticed,
it never fails to get in your teeth?
So, we never went to the beach 
because of my aversion to the sand.
So I ask you,
why did I do this?

What in the helicopter was I thinking?
I blame Stuart.
He brought it.
So what if I asked for it.
He should have dissuaded me.
It is his fault.
Caroline digs like she has windmill arms.
She flails sand.
Therefore, sand was in everyone's hair.
I thought I was going to have to medicate myself.
Luckily, their hunger saved me.
They were starving so we got to come inside.
Thank you God for grumbling bellies.
And sparkling pools.


  1. Oh my gosh, those things are the worst! What the HELICOPTER WERE YOU THINKING?!?

  2. Maggie found sap, sand, and a tiny worm in Caroline's hair in the tub tonight - nasty!

  3. Very cute - but YUCK ! My boys had a sandbox/sandtable when they were little. It was Jacob's FAVORITE ! Ewwwwwwww and Maggie finding a worm on Caroline - that would have sunk me - lol !

    Have a good weekend !


  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. oops I tried to comment...there was no worm in Caroline's hair today. I took it down and put in a new pony tail. She went to the timber this evening to the new basement site. I won't accept responsibility for that! haha

  6. Worms in the hair? Not so bad. Worms on the other end - BAD.

    Hey. I'll trade you a flipping cute "silly goose" fan for that play house.

    We have a shed in our backyard. But SOMEONE thinks we need it for the lawn mower. And he claims to be crazy about those grandkids...

  7. It was fun to see your playhouse. I like the way you've decorated it (except for the sand--I'm with you on that one)!

    When do we get to peek inside???

  8. Oh my I really hate how sand always finds its way into your teeth. I remember taking sandwiches to the beach for a picnic....ONCE.

  9. Hahaha! Have you gotten the sand out of your teeth yet? That is so true! Ann

  10. Oh, you are a such a sweet grandma, that is why. But you did make me laugh. Your teeth? Really? Could it be you are talking too much whilst at the beach.....nah, right?

  11. You get extra Grandma points for the sand pile! We are in charge of the memories, whether we want to or not!


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