Tuesday, August 16, 2011

what you are dying to know

Well the title is a lie.
I have nothing.
A few things that have gone on in recent days...
  • I went with Maggie for a pedicure.
The lady in the chair next to me
was reading an article with a title in very large font.
 "75 Things His Ex-wife Wouldn't Do In Bed."
Who writes that stuff?
And even more troubling who reads this 
while getting a pedicure 
with a "nosy neighbor" in the chair next to you?
  •  We celebrated birthdays.  
Ev turned 4.  

    Caroline turns 2 on Saturday.

    • Miss Ollie went for her post surgery check up. 
    She checked out great.
    Prayers answered!

    I stole all the birthday pictures from Annie's facebook 
    because my camera is still being repaired.
    Apparently, from scratch.
    The rest I took with my phone.
    • I have guests this week.

    and Rudy.

    They reside with Jackie, but she went to see her son in Vegas.
    They are here to give Harley 
    a run for his money with the ladies.

    I may or may not claim to be burning a candle
     named Farmhouse Dog.
    Truly, it only reeks of dog because
    the candle is burning.
    •  I visited the neighbor's honor stand.

    • I went to see The Help
    with my friend, Esther,
    my sister, Judy, 
     and my sis in law Jamie.
    We loved it.
    I had forgotten parts
    because it had been so long since I read the book.
    Now, I want to re-read it.
    I would see the movie again.
    Loooved it.
    The sets are great.
    The actors were perfect for the roles.
    • We are in a holding pattern for Penelope.
    Mag goes Monday and
    they will discuss inducing labor
    if nothing happens in the next few days.
    Pray that dern camera gets done.
    Or not.
    There is a Best Buy on the way to the hospital
    I will stop and shop.
    If anyone is still reading...
    hmm, anyone?
    Carry on.
    I'm out.


    1. I just couldn't decide who's pictures were cuter, the kids or the dogs, loved them all.

    2. oh i want to see that movie. loved the book. what fun houseguests you have. you crack me up. you know that right?

    3. 1.) Soooo glad that miss Ollie passed all of her checkup's with flying colors (of course I knew she would) God is GOOD ALL THE TIME!

      2.) Penelope needs to stay put until after 3:30 tomorrow....this girl needs a trim from her mama before maternity leave happens!

      3.) Going to see The Help tomorrow night! Soooo glad you gave it good reviews. I LOVED the book and was hoping the movie would be fantastic as well!

    4. I think I was burning the same candle in my mud room...my girl Ginger stinks. Time for a bath.

      I can't wait to see The Help, planning on going Friday.

      Maybe the stork will deliver a camera with the baby?? Good luck!

    5. i did acupuncture on gig and she had a contraction. hope it works!

    6. Hi! I cannot wait to see the movie. Yay for Ollie! Love the neighbor's garden stand ;-)

    7. Penelope needs to get here!!! this weekend would work just fine for me :)

    8. one word, actually three words...strawberry-rhubarb pie did the trick for our late to the party first grandson!

    9. Do Kevin and Rudy perhaps know what the heck those 75 things are?!? Your gals may be in for a nice few days.... So glad to hear about Ollie and the birthdays. And I read until the end! Ann

    10. Oh, and I can't wait to see that movie - just waiting for my movie buddy to get back (my girl movie buddy). Ann

    11. Oh my - a farmdog candle - I'm dying.

      And the cuteness of those kids.

      Holy sweet things!

      Love to see a post so full of life and love and hope (and doggies; I'm a sucker, let's face it!).

      You bring it all Janie.

      And now? I remember it's been too long since I've had a pedicure...
      (and caught up on my magazines. gulp.)

    12. This was humorous. I want to see The Help, also. Actually, I can't wait!

    13. Sounds like things are as lively as ever in your house, Janie!
      So, 'Farmhouse Dog', eh? Personally, I am burning 'Sack of Potatoes That Went Bad But It Took Me Days To Figure Out What The Smell Was'.
      You should get yourself one. It's a delight.


    Thanks for reading my blather. I read every comment. They make my heart happy!