Monday, August 22, 2011

Family Reunion

The reunion was a success.
It was moved inside this year
due to the heat temps.
We have elderly and we have babies.
We have everything in between too.
I did finally get a camera.
Hallelujah, mine couldn't be fixed.
I got money towards a new one.  
I upgraded.
Canon Rebel T3.
I think we both won.
I am clueless about it.
My niece has a new, similar one too.
She is going to teach me.
Yes, you are.
There was tons of food.
My estranged friend, cake was there.
Lovely, as always.
We didn't connect.
I lusted though.

With this many family members 

there are several sets of twins
Me and Jackie.
No pic :(
Our first cousins Terry and Jerry.
Our first cousin Annie's son Stacy had twin girls.
My first cousin Patty, has a set.
 blue shirt..Zach and pink shirt....Zoe.
My oldest sister Judy's daughter Ellen 
(the camera instructor)
has a set of twins.

Sydney and Chase.
My sister Linda's daughter Ashley
has twin sons, Gabe and Jude.
I had my twin sons.
There may be more I am forgetting.
There are so many cousins I cannot keep up.
We gathered Dad and his siblings that were present.
Aunt Rosie from Texas was missing and
Aunt Genevieve(sp?) who is an in-law slipped in.

Dad is in the front with the blue shirt.
He says he is so skinny, he might blow away.
I take after Mom, not so skinny.

Mom is behind Dad in the turquoise.
Isn't she cute?

The first cousins ...
and Dad, Uncle Doc, and Aunt Edith
who didn't realize/want
to move.
I tried. haha

My sisters are in the middle row.
Linda white tank, Judy next to her in the brown.
Jackie is on the right end in front.
I am in the back 
on the right in the orange and grey.
My little brother was a no-show.
His status as Mom's favorite
may or may not be wavering.
Many cousins were missing.
Next the second cousins and etc.
At this point no one knows who is who.

There was a lot of chaos.
And some toad commotion.

I talked to a bunch of folks but missed a bunch too.
I "met" a blog reader or 2.
(hey Anna)
We cousins talk on facebook a lot. 
It is a little weird
because we rarely see each other.
I feel like I am more connected to them now though
than I have been since we were little.
That is a good thing.
It was a very good day. 
See ya all next year.
And some exciting news...
 tomorrow they plan to induce Maggie.

She is to be there at 7 a.m. 
They will do a pelvic exam 
and then probably start pitocin.
I'll keep you posted.
Remember us prayer warriors!

91. big coffee mugs
68. my favorite kind of pen
174. freckles on a face


  1. Reunions are so fun aren't they. I went to one with my sisters last fall for relatives on my Dad's side. Haven't seem most of the since I was a young girl. It was really neat and a few of us have since hooked up on facebook. You are doing great with your camera. Prayers for baby's safe arrival tomorrow.

  2. I don't see Annie??? How did she get out of it again? lol

  3. I'm proud of you for honoring those boundaries you put in place between you and your estranged friend. (I had similar resolve & success on Saturday night.)

    Loved "being at" your reunion. Your descripts make it all feel so fun. I felt a little out of place, having no twin myself....

    And that camera. Oh my. I'm sure that even if tutored by the Knowledgeable Niece, I'd have a hard time remembering how to use it from one day to the next. However, it looks like it should give you a good workout lugging it around - which should help with the d--t. (Maybe it's not as big as it looks?)

    Praying for Maggie - and wonder if she'll deliver before induced? Wouldn't THAT be fun!

  4. oh, the cake part. PRICELESS! You are a stronger woman than I!

  5. lol. I love that you called cake your estranged friend. You are a stronger woman than I too!

  6. love a good family reunion. my dad's mom not so much either. i have to fight against those genes everyday. feeling sad today. pictures of your family reunion is making me miss mine. waaaaa! oh and lovin' the camera:)

  7. I can tell from the picture that you are winning the "no cake" battle Janie! What a wonderfully large and diverse family! Best wishes to Maggie (who has no idea who I am) and the new baby. You are a lucky woman! Ann

  8. What a HUGE family you have! I could put my entire family in a bathroom and still have room for a couple more.

  9. What a happy time. Lots of fun pictures... I got the same camera for my birthday this month. It's really great! You'll love it! Have fun!!

  10. My enstranged friend cake? Toad commotion? BAHAHAHAH! You kill me.

  11. Looks like a good time. Our Cole family reunions used to be like one knew who anyone was or how exactly we were related. But then Granny Cole had something like 12 kids, 90 grandkids, etc, etc.
    Good luck Maggie! Can't wait to see pictures of Penelope!

  12. Fat chance Hoopie Lou! I will ALWAYS be Mom's favorite.

    - Your much younger bro

  13. Even with the no shows, it looks like a fun time with may memories made. Good fun!


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