Friday, August 19, 2011


I am up early.
I awoke to the smell of smoke.
I sniffed and sniffed.
I started to wake Stuart,
but he has no sense of smell left.
I hurried towards the stairs.
I saw a flash of light 
and wondered if it was lightning.
I walked all through the house.
I looked outside.
No burning bush.
No rogue camp fires.
Was the flash of light actually
the pole light being reflected in the mirror? 
 I decided to look on the web 
for an explanation.
I went to
wondering ...
Am I having a stroke?
 At this point I didn't smell smoke.
Actually I  hadn't smelled it since I left my bed. said 
1. Phantomasia...phenomenon of smelling odors that 
aren't present. Check.
It could be you have a sinus infection.
No, I don't have that.

2. Olfactory hallucination...smell perceived but not there.
Well, yeah.

3. Paranormal... really?  smoking ghosts?
After consideration,
I have come to some conclusions of my own.

1. Don't anything medical.
There is a lot of stuff that pops up and 
crazy theories come out of the woodwork.
2. Don't try to blog without a camera.
You start being desperate for topics.

3. I tend to dream I am a celebrity or am friendly with them.
All in the day of a rockstar, ya know.
This is more likely the reason I smelled smoke.
I was hanging with him.

I do love me some Bing.
For your listening pleasure...
Dream a little dream of me.

1. Stuart's morning phone call to just say hi.
14. Sisters
25. gifts from UPS trucks.
33. a message that speaks to me.


  1. lol. Too funny!!

    I'm glad it was nothing serious!

  2. You are crazy! (Just crazy enough to get chickens)a chicken coop made out of a dresser? How can you not get a little flock now? You would have the cutest coop in the blog world :)

    I LOVE Bing!!

  3. Waking up smelling smoke would get my attention too! I had something happen when we lived in Texas that I never was able to figure out. I was in the study, on the computer (duh) and I smelled my Dad. That sounds a little weird, but we all do have a smell that's associated with us... I smell like chocolate! My Dad passed away years ago, it wasn't like I had dreamed about him or thinking about him. It was just out of the blue, hard to understand and writing it makes it a little creepy!

  4. Hmm... funny how that happens. I awoke to the smell of coffee recently. Yup, I did. Boy was I disappointed to find out that not only was the coffee maker's timer not set, but it wasn't even prepared the night before.

    I definitely smelled it though. Really.

  5. That's so funny! I've had some really intense dreams the past few nights too, although I don't remember smelling anything. I'm glad it was just a dream and not anything serious!

  6. I think your dreams are becoming more intense due to lack of working camera. Janie, you are so wonderfully descriptive that you don't need pictures! Ann

  7. A smelly ghost, well who knew?

  8. So many strange things in our world, no explanations. I don't like it when something like that happens to me, so I appreciate the humor you have. Happy weekend hugs!

  9. I read your comment on Cake Chicks blog about those needy friends....I say yuk to needy ass friends too....Off with their
    I used to wake up thinking my bed was moving...My mind would wander to everything from stroke, paranormal activity, earthshakes, dreaming....etc...i just ignored it after awhile. I know smoke is way worse than a moving bed, but


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