Saturday, August 20, 2011

diet is a four lettered word

Well, I am still off sugar.
I  have had a few set-backs
but I keep getting back on track.
My sleeping is much better.
I have started working out more too.
I really want to be healthier and 
for food to lose it's importance.
For you people who have never fought weight,
maybe you don't get that I have food voices.
After every meal I have a conversation
in my head...
you ate too much, or you ate wisely.
I know it sounds crazy but it is true.
I have been on a diet my whole adult life.
Either failing or winning.
Yo-yoing 25 lbs,
and I am tired of it.
I want to eat without guilt
and be healthy.
I am getting this done before
I start having weight related health issues.
You can hold me accountable.
Tomorrow is the Adkins reunion.
I have a game plan.
I know what I can eat.
Let's just  hope 
I do not do this.

6. raw almonds
37. appreciation for a job well done
69. sheets from the clothesline
77. sun in my window


  1. I hear ya! I have had set backs. Summer is so tough. I have to get back into a routine, that always helps. Sugar is my Kryptonite!

  2. girl i'm right behind you. i've gained 10 pounds since Hawaii. once the girls are in school it's game on.

  3. I totally understand. I have those voices too. I'm on a mission to quiet them. I hope we are both successful!

  4. I'm "in"! I posted a picture of me a year and a half ago right at the top of my Power, Love and Self-Control sidebar. I WILL look like that again by January 25, God being my helper!

    I know you'll do well at the reunion. (I just returned from a birthday dinner "out". I did without the bread & enjoyed a salmon salad. Arrived home pleased and satisfied.

  5. These could have been my words, why is 10 pounds be so hard. It is a day to day struggle.

  6. I'm with you! I want a piece of cake so badly, right now, I could cry! But I'm hanging in there, and you can do it, too! xo

  7. Potty mouth !

    Jacob and I are considering going off gluten for a few weeks to see if it helps our GI issues. His are med (too many!) related and mine are Crohn's and IBS related. I'm scaaaarrrrrreeeeeddddd ! I like my bread !

    Good luck tomorrow !


  8. Great video clip... made me laugh! Oh, I am so right there with you on all you said about diet. I am finally (at 51 years old! Sheesh) figuring out I don't want to diet to lose weight. I want to choose healthy, and balance, and have boundaries that nourish and nurture my body. The body God gave me to take care of. Losing weight at the expense of hurting my body won't work for me anymore. I'm on the same journey! Hope you have a great day!

    I agree about the sugar... so not good for me. My splurge now is a peice or two of dark (70% or more) chocolate. Nice with coffee... or one glass of red wine!

  9. Oh, I relate so well to this. I was bulimic when I was younger. I have been on a diet since I was 12. I either eat well each day or I beat myself up in my head. I wish I could make it stop. I have been trying, too. Today we were at the beach and I made a healthy choice at a restaurant and I am - so far - not beating myself up over it.


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