Monday, August 29, 2011

All I have to do is dream.

California dreamin'...
To dream the impossible dream...
Sweet dreams are made of this...
You may say I'm a dreamer...
I have decided to write only in lyrics.
Ha, not really.
I am a dreamer though.
So much so,
I have a whole category labeled for them.
And I am a star.
Rock star, movie star or both
in my own little mind.
Last week I dreamed I was
in a movie production 
and was in an argument
with one of the stars.
I ended up yelling at 
Tony Curtis,
"You are a bloated, old has-been!"
Really pleasant personality here.
What the hello mother, hello father?
I cannot sing or act.
And he is deceased.
Am I the only one who dreams
that they are a celebrity?
Do I need some intervention?
Rum and Coke?
I guess at the very least, different television viewing habits
are in order...
Like maybe something a little more current?
For now, I am off to bed.
Ralph Waite and Michael Landon await.


  1. I adore you. And you ARE a rockstar (not to fuel your dreams of imagined grandeur! lol)

  2. Dreams - I have a few. I'd be SO tickled to be elevated to celebrity status in even ONE of them!

  3. Hey, Tony Curtis was HOT in the day. I could send that Lunesta moth your way....

    Your double bed awaits, my darling. It is anxious for it's new trailor home.

    Why did that picture of you and my cousin with Miss Ollie and the baby make me weep? It was with happiness, I tell you. Sheer happiness. I've got a little of that going on myself right now and it feels amazing. We both are truly blessed.



  4. Man, if I was going to dream I was a movie star I'd totally want to be starring opposite Tony Curtis. But young Tony Curtis!

  5. As long as you write about your dreams for all of us to read, dream away!

  6. A dream about Michael Landon wouldn't be bad at all in my book.

  7. I have been having crazy dreams! I guess I am in good company ;)

  8. I've been having weird dreams too. Yesterday I woke up dreaming that someone was smelling my hair.
    Normally, my dreams consist of a sudden realization that I need to buy toilet paper, or something equally exciting.

  9. how funny! I just wrote a blog post on little sleep and I couldn't get Queen lyrics out of my head. What is with that?

  10. p.s. I yell at people in my sleep too...and when I'm awake. oops.

  11. Wish we could hang out together! Almost everything in life reminds me of a song! I enjoyed my visit to your blog - great writing & cute kids!

    Warmly, Michelle


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