Thursday, August 25, 2011


This morning I made an observation.
One where I was disappointed in myself.

How many times a day do I choose the wrong one?
More than I care to say, I pick the top item. 
Or the pink one.
Not to mention the laptop.
I am going to make a concerted effort
to pick the best option more frequently.
I leave them out for just that reason 
and yet I seem to fail. 
I have so much to be grateful about
that I pray all day long.
I praise God, I ask for his help, and
I listen to The Message in my car.
But, I need to be in his word.
Busyness is no excuse 
because I have time for all the other options.
I am doing a change-up.
Starting now.


  1. Oh Janie,,,you are so there already! Relax..enjoy life as he intended us to. I thought of you and Ms.Ollie today ...I saw a personalized license plate in spelled out that just awesome or what!

  2. I come to the point of observation and evaluation frequently (and some would say too often). But anything that gets us back to our "soul food" is great! (Better observation and appropriate action than "trouble" that sends us running frantically, I say!)

    A picture IS worth a thousand words, and I've just read a great "short story"! Thanks.

  3. Right there with ya! THANKS for the reminder. I want to craft a colorful sign for my kitchen that reads "eat less, pray more!" Guests might be taken aback tho... ;-)

  4. I am right there with you, we can never be in the Word too much. I always reach for other things first....bad habit and I'm trying to break myself of it!!Congratulations on Penelope. She's beautiful and your family just keeps getting bigger and bigger. You are so blessed!

    Have a beautiful day!


  5. I listen and pray in the car, it seems to be where I focus the most on the inner me. Life moves too fast!

  6. Good choice.
    But next time? First pick up your camera and point it at some babies please.
    (i said 'please'.)

  7. oh goodness, this made me squirm a bit because I have the same issue. Thank you for the inspiration!


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