Wednesday, August 31, 2011

an award

My sweet blogger friend, Gena
nominated me for this reward.
She thinks me to be hilarious.
Me thinks she drinks.

The rules state that I reveal 7 things about myself.
Well, 7 more. 
Here goes:

1. When I first typed this I called Gena my sweet booger friend.
Luckily I caught the typo.

2. My oldest sister is 12 yrs older. Her husband gave me a nickname when I was little and it has stuck with some of the family.
Said nickname.... Hoopielou. I have no explanation.

3. My middle name is Lou. I always hated it. I imagined me looking like Lou Grant. It is growing on me now that I am looking more like him.

4. I like my iced tea unsweetened. I am a Northerner like that.

5. My dog Reta, has bad teeth and therefore, bad breath. She has a killer bod though.

6. I don't remember the usage rules for commas. 

7. My work-out buddy is ex-Amish. She is cute and a little ornery. Sadly, she doesn't have a buggy.

Now I am passing this reward onto 3 of my fave bloogers
or boogers, which ever applies.

Suzette cracks me up. She writes about her teen boys and her very funny honey. She is beautiful and funny, and who doesn't
love the name Suzette!

JoAnn is hilarious. She can write like I want to when I grow up. She has 3 little boys and there is always something funny happening at her place. 

Rebecca is sweet and witty. Her comments are some of the funniest I receive. She loves the Lord and she makes me want to know him even better.

Thanks again to Gena
for loving my blather and always giving me
an "Atta Girl".

214. clean eyeglasses
190. a clean car
162. stars in the sky
89. stuffed ponies and little girls


  1. Now look what you made me do! Thanks anyway. It is a serious honor, my sweet "booger" friend.

  2. I love that your dog has a killer bod, she would need one to help others not care so much about the stink-breath!

  3. I like my tea unsweetened too. Everyone needs a sweet booger friend!

  4. Congrats on the award...I love blogs like this ...With little things about blog friends that are interesting.
    I like unsweet tea too.
    I had a dog once with canine dental disease...Nothing I did get rid of the breath issue

  5. I also happen to think you are extremely funny. I'm a southerner and I drink my tea unsweetened. I do like sweet tea, but my waistline doesn't so I drink it without anything just like you Northerners do.

  6. Oh my goodness! I'm blown away. Thank you for the ridiculous honor, Janie. Really.
    I've always wanted to be someone's favorite booger :)
    I also love clean eyeglasses and stuffed ponies! We are sooooo best friends forever.
    This is a nice way to end a wednesday. I thank you!

  7. HoopieLou, I'm just learning all kinds of things about you! Enjoy your award, you earned it sweetie!

  8. Lord have mercy - the tea shall be sweetened on our camping trip! Congrats on the award Janie Fox. You rox.

  9. Well, I do declare! What a sweetheart you are to nominate little 'ol me! I love ya Hoopielou!!

  10. Very well deserved, Hoopielou! I honestly didn't think there were 7 things left that we didn't know about you, but by cracky there are! Love the blogs you recognized! Atta girls!!!!! Ann

  11. I struggle with commas too! I think you are funny, as well! I like my iced tea unsweetened too!


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