Thursday, September 1, 2011

What I Know For Sure 14th Edition

1. Spaghetti squash is a good imitator of pasta.

2. Evil isn't an act of God, it's the absence of God. Rebecca Gates

3. Fat girls have fat ways.

4. A fat dog girl can learn new tricks.

5. Watermelon... it's the new cake.

6. Watching the new season of Dancing With The Stars leaves me in a quandry... 
Plus: Nancy Grace has to go before the judges.
Con: Nancy Grace may be allowed to speak.

7. There really is good in the world.

8. There are many unlocked doors just waiting to be opened if we take the opportunity.

9. Tim Gunn knows how to rock the unmatched tie/shirt combo.

10. I despise getting up to an alarm.

11. August in IL is like living on the surface of the sun in a wet bag.  September is off to a start of the same.

12. Knee hairs are elusive to my razor.

13. If I had a dime for every time I started taking a shower with my glasses on, I'd have 40 cents.

14. I have spent time looking for my cellphone while simultaneously talking on it more times than I can count.

15. My new fave word is "complainy".  thanks Julie Gardner

16. Caroline talks about herself in third person. She calls herself Cline. Sometimes she says Caroline and it makes me sad.

17. I have never worn red lipstick.

18. Through Jesus, I have been remade.

19. I have been tempted by the "pajama jeans".

20. I love the fall "fall back" time change.


  1. Very informative....I like Tim Gunn,as well.
    I hate red lip stick, but i admire the guts of someone that can do it .

  2. Laughing especially about #14. Last night I was headed to bed and couldn't find my phone. Had to turn on the lights again, put my glasses on and eventually call myself. It was in my bra.

  3. I had to laugh at the cell phone issue...good heavens miss janie fox, that is something I would do.

    Pajama jeans...their commercials are the stupidest ever, but I wonder if the jeans are doable.

    Happy long weekend. Big big big hugs. :)

  4. #3, #4, Who's Tim Gunn?, #12, #14 with a twist - I've had to call my cell phone from another phone to find it SOOOOOO many times, #19-Don't GO there! I plead with you! It's not in the "new tricks" category!

  5. #6 LOL
    #12 Me too!
    #15 Stealing!

  6. Love Tim Gunn
    My knees always have fuzz
    Red lipsticks is not kind to me

  7. Hey BTW....You really dont like Nancy Grace do you??? Why does she grate at your nerves?...You should blog about her...
    Also...If you go to Cold Water Creek..They have a KNIT jean that looks like regular jeans. They are like butter and feel like jammies. They stretch and fit great.....I had my doubts when i first saw them , but when i tried them on.....well....heaven

  8. oh girl you never fail to crack me up. goodness you are funny! i've been tempted by the pajama jeans:) my knees are never smooth and what in the heck do i say to my kids IF we watch dancing with the stars?? ugh! but like you said there is good in life:) hope you find some this weekend.

  9. #1 yep! #14...cracking up! #15 I love adding "y" to unexpected words. And what the heck are pajama jean? I am afraid.


  11. You are the best blatherer...

    And also an excellent grammarer.

    You are NOT complainy...

    And making up words?

    Is awesome.

    Happy Friday and thanks for the shout-out, my friend!


  12. In our house the "fat girls" quote was "It's not what you want that makes you fat, it's what you get."

    And Tim Gunn, how does he do it?

  13. I just read a review on the pj jeans in Good Housekeeping magazine yesterday. One word: Don't.

  14. Truth: I used to be very good at shaving my legs. They were always smooth as silk, tan and pretty. Now. Not so much. I spent the entire winter NOT shaving (well until I was close to giving birth then I shaved them because well, geez people were going to be close to them and I did NOT want to be responsible for slicing open a face or a hand. lol) and now I always seem to miss some on my knees, on my ankles, and on the back of my leg where apparently I fail to hit anything because the hairs there are at least 4 inches long. ;)

  15. You are sooo flipping hilarious! Living on the sun with a wet bag is just my sort of word imagery. LOVE IT!

  16. # 13 I'd have way more than 40 cents.
    # 14 I have simultaneously cell phoned and Skyped until the other person told me I could hang up now, because they could see and hear me.

  17. Oh my word, you are a hoot! Hairy knees and all. You have made me laugh on a miserably hot day here. Thanks!

  18. Oh my word, you are a hoot! Hairy knees and all. You have made me laugh on a miserably hot day here. Thanks!

  19. Oh, no! My finger stuttered or something...told you it was miserably hot here...apparantly sapping my brain cells as well.


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