Thursday, September 8, 2011

Ten facts on Thursday

1. I am a reformed nail biter who has relapsed. Ugh.
2. I blame #1 on Mom. I was weaned too young. Or not. Maybe I am lacking a mineral. Is cake a mineral? 
3. I wear a cardigan over my pajamas every morning year round.
I call it my "morning jacket" . (Thanks Lori H.) 
4. My area rug smells like pug.
5. Caroline came to watch Beast and play Pet Shop today. Now she has become obsessed with Lady and the Tramp. I love me some Jim-Darling too.
6.  I kept calling my house today trying to find the cordless phone.
I called it so many times Stuart came in from the barn to see if I was alright. I kept hearing it in the distance. I blamed Caroline for losing it. I found it in the fridge. I had got a bottle of water out about an hour earlier. Sorry Cline.
7. I stuck my hand in baby poop today.
8.  I started decorating for fall. I made a huge mess. Now I am tired and I cannot quit. Why am I blogging when I should be working?
9. The best part of Thursday Night Football is Maroon 5.  
*update...and Kid Rock. 
10. I am going to regret drinking coffee at this hour.

7. coffee scented candles
70. organic apples
107. my morning jacket


  1. :) You always make me smile, Janie.
    Fact #1 about me: I should be writing a paper for school but instead am sitting here reading your blog.
    Fact #2: Reading your blog makes me much, much happier than writing that stupid paper anyway. :)

  2. 1. Me, too! Only I've never in my whole life been reformed! There's no hope unless they're fake, and who has time/$ for all that?

  3. Oh, reading your blog makes me happy too. Thank you for writing it. Already my morning is looking better. :-)

  4. 1) quit biting your nails and start pretending you are the tenor singing on fox news this morning. I've been doing it since 5:30 and it's still hilarious. God bless America in fake opera voice is always awesome.
    2) I gave up cake too, but I've gone back to my ninja training. It's healthier and I might as well quit ignoring my god giving talent and calling. Do you want to join my dojo?
    3)I use to have a velour blazer I called my smoking jacket, but John reminded me I wasn't hugh Hefner plus i gave up ciggies. I'm a little distraught cuz that was such a cool look. Maybe I need a morning jacket...with quilted satin 3/4 sleeves and a Peter pan collar. And marabou slippers please.
    4) one man's pug is another man's pekingnese. I have man calves. We can't win em all.
    5) babies are vaaaary spensive. U will not b permitted 2 play wit. Favorite.line.ever. Not really but couldn't think of n e thing else
    6)You complete me. Best thing I've heard all day.
    7)I got nothing
    8)Diddo except turn last night into today and change blogging to commenting. Why don't they make big huge murals that we can just switch out each season. Seems simpler.
    9) kid rock is like a big old whiskey infused trainwreck of americana. I can not look away, and turns out I love whiskey infused trainwrecks.
    10) I don't care how bad insomnia strikes I love my coffee and insomnia will never take that away from me. But with the price of groceries going up John might have to give up his coffee habit. We probably can't afford 2 coffee drinkers and it's almost my only habit. He's got lots of fun habits like concrete and roofing and that whole carpentry thing, and now frivolous lawsuits. If one of us has to give up something its definitely gonna be him

  5. Jamie
    You kill me, You are so Hugh Hefner. I don't do ninja...I like to hula. You complete me is ok but you had me at hello is the bomb diggity. Pekinese are the blind man's pug. Puhleese.I will not give up coffee either but luckily Stuart doesn't drink it.He is lame like that.Kid Rock completes me...I kid rock you not.

  6. why am i blogging because i'm working?? THAT's EXACTLY THE QUESTION I SHOULD BE SAYING TO MYSELF...gotta go:)

  7. Janie darling,
    Thank you for "getting" me. It dawned on me the reason the Hugh Hefner thing was so funny was bc he actually said "you don't need a velvet jacket you are not Howard hefner". God love him. I blame the fact that he'd watched aviator the night before, but who knows. It's just against god's plan for Johnny not to scramble his words. Thank you Jesus for all those decoding classes I took durin my CIA/navy seal/American ninja training. Get good @ hula and we'll either go on america's got talent or try out for the UFC. I figure either way a butt whipping will be the result
    Xoxo you had me at chocolate cake

  8. Wha? Wait?! I missed Kid Rock? Well, I mean I didn't watch monday night football, as I was too bizzaay catching up on some "Millionaire Matchmaker.." However, evidently I like whiskey infused trainwrecks, too. I loves me some Kid Rock... just like I love Pitbull (the Miami version, not the doggie version), and Dwight Yokum. These three are my secret dirty shame.

  9. Re: #1 and #7. I was a long time nail biter until I started changing diapers. You just can't wash your hands good enough to bite your nails after diaper changing. Hope that helps. The end.

  10. Love your LIST!!
    You're my kind of girl.
    I hurried over here to check out your Blog because "Granny Mountain" told me too - she always knows what she's talking about.
    I am proclaiming my love for you already
    and have signed on to FOLLOW, so I'll be baaaack!!

  11. My jaw is hanging open right now because I wear a cardigan over my jammies too! It used to be a velour zip up jacket that I loved which I do believe The Predicament secretly got rid of so I would stop sleeping in it as well. I think he has given that up because I replaced it with 2 Old Navy long cardigans. Except I only wear them in the Fall + Winter once the hot flashes commenced. Was that TMI?

  12. oh, and PS...Micah Jamie needs a blog. That girl is a stitch.


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