Tuesday, September 20, 2011


The last two days we have had lots of family time.
 My cousin, Vickie from Oklahoma
is here for a quick visit to see Mom and Dad.
Mom and Dad really enjoyed the fun.
Sometimes situations in life are about as
 pleasing as a turd in a punchbowl.
Stupid Alzheimer's or
in Vickie's case, it is cancer.
But, she has the spirit of a badger.
She is in it to win it.
We have faith.
And faith is necessary 
to victory.
We gathered at the folks' house.
We had a great time.
We ate.
We played.

We bedazzled pumpkins.
Some bedazzled themselves. 

We snuggled babies.
We soaked up the love.

Please keep praying for my dad and mom.
Please add Vickie to your prayers.
We know Jesus hear our cries.
We trust he has a plan.
And while we wait 
we have each other and
a whole lot of love.


  1. Janie, You girl are all about family! I want to be adopted--seriously, bedazzled pumpkins?? My kind of fun. I have walked your walk with alzheimer disease, it's difficult. Having been there, I will hold you up in prayer. Vickie will have another prayer warrior on her side, that God will give her the strength and health she needs at this time.
    Love ya!

  2. Thanks for the pictures! Wish I had been feeling better so I could have had some of that baby love!

  3. Always praying for your amazing family, Janie. You are blessed mightily, despite the troubles your family faces. God is indeed a mighty God, and His plans are intended to prosper us always.
    Much much love to you and yours!

  4. Oh Janie...your whole family is in my prayers!! Bless their hearts!!


  5. I believe in miracles........... your dad and now your cousin - both in my Rosary intentions !


  6. Boy do you ever (have a WHOLE LOTSA LOVE)! I am praying. This post blessed me with the warm pictures of family. Thanks for all you share and give here!

  7. I can FEEL the love. Honestly!

    As for the turd in the punchbowl...This is DEFINITELY the first time I've heard of it. What an apt description!

    And faith definitely IS the victory "that overcomes the world".

  8. Janie...sending up prayers for everyone! The love shines through in every photo.

  9. oh girl...i love this post. i love that you have faith. you are so right. there is no victory...no peace without it. family does a heart good. i miss mine something awful.

  10. You had me at turd in the punchbowl... I will definitely add your cousin to my prayers. Your parents are already in them. :-)


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