Thursday, September 15, 2011


Today I caught up with Reta.
We had time for a quick chat before 
she rushed off to work  nap.
 You can read about her earlier interviews
on the sidebar under Reta.
Stella was also present,  but seemed a bit distant.

Hello Reta and Stella.
How are you enjoying the nice fall weather?


Now that the cooler temps have arrived, 
everyone is talking fall fashion.
All Spring and Summer you have looked 
so hip, so sexy and never desperate.
What do you have in mind for your autumn look? As a practicing nudists, 
how does the cooler weather affect your style?
How do you shake up your image
when you don't do clothes?
Stella, I see you have gone the "old school" route
and did the "Frost and Tip" highlights.
But Reta , don't you think you need to embrace a new look for the changing season? 
Maybe a scarf or a hat? 
People expect you to be on the cutting edge. 
What is your reaction to this?

Aw, most excellent. 
Coral is the "new black".
Point noted.
Ladies, thank you for your time 
and I bid you farewell.  

249. holding my dad's hand
117. babies sleeping  on my chest
44. a full night's sleep 
253. time to be silly


  1. bwahahahaha! with two girls who love fashion and are currently fighting over the possibility that one may have kicked the other on purpose--I COMPLETELY NEEDED to laugh today!!!

    Reta and Stella are too cute!

  2. These fashionistas need a blog of their own!

  3. Is Reta the white pup? I saw someone recently who looked just like her! She was a very nice lady! Cute. :-)

  4. The coral ....looks very sore doggy lips

  5. Miss Stella, could you share with me where you get your hair done, it's just the right amount of frost. Miss Reta, love, love the coral lipstick. You both are right in fashion no matter the season. Like they say, when you got it...flaunt it!

  6. oh goodness me friend. you crack me up!!

  7. you are soooo stinkin funny...thank you for making me smile this morning :) and all your grandgirls...could they BE any cuter...i think not! happy weekend :)

  8. Dearest Cousin....I miss you. Your trailor mattress is waiting for you. xoxoxoxo C.A.

  9. I think I just pee'ed in my pants!!! Holy Moses, you just sent me off my chair! That was so freakin' cute! Such a great color for you Reta, maybe I will give it a try!

  10. Your pups are precious! Thanks for splashing around with me. it is always a joy to be in community with others who live out loud.

    Be blessed bunches,

  11. are too funny and those pugs are adorable!! :)

    Deborah xo


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