Wednesday, September 14, 2011

it's all good

I have had a good couple of days.
a room re-do with Annie for an Ethel Edith client
and time with Miss Ollie.
She has a new tooth.

Doesn't she look tiny?
She really is still tiny.
0-3 mos clothes at 7 months old.
Harvest has started
so has the meals on wheels.
I forgot to take my camera to the field.
But, I will get pictures of the farmer man.
Today it is raining...
so no meals to the field.
I really don't love cooking anymore.
Wish I felt the same about eating.
Maggie and I took her girls for
Caroline's  2 yr. old wellness check.
She is doing great.

wow, how brave am I??
My hairstylist daughter needs to get off of maternity-
I need a "do"...
 and apparently a dentist. 
Jealous much?

A little shopping,
lunch out, then
napping babies.
Life might be a bit messy
but it is still grand.
Hakuna Matata  my friends.


  1. Such beautiful grandbabies you have! If you want to link up to the hodgepodge you go to Joyce's blog on Tuesday and copy the questions and paste into a new blog post. To link up, just go to her blog on Wednesday and click the button that says "click here to enter" after you see the list of other bloggers. Then you put in your blog title and blog address. It will appear in her list. That's all there is to it!
    Cold pumpkin pie ~ yummy!!

  2. Still grand (when you're a GRANDmother). Carloine & Penelope have the same nose. All three grands are gorgeous. It's nice, in a way, that Ollie can wear her teeny clothes for a longish time. I'm always so sad to pack up the 0-3-month size. Keep hanging onto the good; you've definitely got it! And I think your teeth look fine!

  3. P.S. I really DO know how to spell Caroline.

  4. hakuna matata!
    I hate cooking too, but love eating. Wah. AND I NEED A HAIRCUT!
    your babies are Adorbs!

  5. jealous much? girl you are too funny. love that first pic. just want to squeeze her!

  6. Well, Liddy is 8 months old and we JUST NOW packed away the 0-3's. Well most of them. And she's not breast fed either. So... it will come. I can't believe how much Liddy has grown since surgery, just as I know Ollie has as well.
    Maybe Ollie and Penelope will work it out so that Penelope can get some super cute hand me downs. :)
    Love love love all those pics, Janie!

  7. You are so adorable....and so are those grandbabies!

  8. All of your grand babies sure are cute!!
    I wish I had a hair stylist in my family. I need a new "do" lol

  9. Dearest Janie, You are so sweet! My family are all fine. Just a bit of overload with my horse biz very busy, hubby's not enough so (harvest is imminent tho) hormones active and school schedules that take some adjusting to for all. "Whadya mean dinner on the table by 7, baths n books n bed by 8 ? What happened to our summer laziness?" say I.
    I always treasure my visits here and confess to lurking while squeezing in a sec or two in the carpool lane w/the dreaded Droid. Your beautiful family is in my prayers. I am so so sorry to learn of the Alzheimer's. I lost my favorite Great Uncle to it this spring. Your parents are delightful and inspire! Wish you were closer so we could catch up over coffee n CAKE between rounds of junking! ;-P

  10. Wow, you look as young as your daughters...and that little face in her highchair melts my heart.

  11. What a joy to see your face. Ollie has a tooth already!? I live in the blue Shelbyville hoodie. Less than a month and we are roughing in the woods together. How much hair product are you bringing? I'm checking your bags for contraband food. I heart you.


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